Di Donato Tax Service chose Zoho Sign as their swift, user-friendly, and convenient electronic signing solution.

Meet Gina Di Donato

Hi, I'm Gina Di Donato. I'm the president of Di Donato Tax Service Inc.

What does my organization do?

Di Donato Tax Service is a tax returns planning and preparation service located in Wickliffe, Ohio. We help individuals and small businesses plan and file their taxes.

How do we do it?

We provide tax-related services such as consulting on taxes, filing tax returns, preparing and planning taxes ahead of time so our clients don't fall on the wrong side of the law.

The Problem

Completing the signature process before filing tax returns was a laborious task for Di Donato Tax Service.

Previously, Di Donato struggled with collecting signatures. "It was tedious to get clients to sign their forms before we could file their tax returns," says Di Donato.

The Solution

With Zoho Sign, Di Donato Tax Service found a simple solution to manage its paperwork using electronic signatures. Zoho Sign is now a client and employee favorite in the company.

Di Donato elaborates, "Zoho Sign speeds up the process of filing clients' tax returns, and it is more convenient for our clients too."

"Even clients who are new to electronic signing are usually able to understand once we talk them through the signing process using Zoho Sign. It has been a great help to our business in the past tax season," adds Di Donato.

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why Di Donato Tax Service loves using Zoho Sign:

  • User-friendly
  • Convenient
  • Swift signing process
  • Easy to manage
  • Electronic and paperless signing

Looking Forward

Collecting client signatures has become a piece of cake for Di Donato thanks to Zoho Sign. She anticipates new developments in the application and is excited to try them.

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