Ferkin Agency chose Zoho Sign as an integrated digital signing solution.

Meet Flint Jay Ferkin

Hi, I am Flint Jay Ferkin. I run a one-man insurance agency called Ferkin Agency, which is located in Boise, Idaho.

What does my organization do?

I help you cover your nest, i.e., protect your family from any unforeseen incidents. Ferkin Agency assists you in figuring out the right insurance policies for you and your family. From term to whole life insurance, mortgage protection to disability, long-term care options to paycheck protection, I can assist you in choosing the right plan at the right price.

How do we do it?

In late 2005, I helped my first family get life insurance for their new home. Since then, I've helped hundreds of families and businesses find the right coverage for their unique situation. There are many choices when it comes to life insurance and I believe that together, we can find the right one at the best price.

The Problem

Before using Zoho Sign, physical signing was inefficient for Ferkin Agency!

When we asked Flint about the difficulties he faced with signing before opting for Zoho Sign, here's what he told us:

"The time, cost, and effort of paperwork was significant. There is a good amount of paperwork when it comes to life insurance, and signatures are involved in all of it. All paperwork was done in person, via mail, or fax previously. This was a lengthy and costly process."

Collecting signatures physically is a cumbersome process that is often accompanied by many risks. As Ferkin states, the time, cost, and effort taken to produce, circulate, physically sign, manage, track, and securely store multitudes of documents is a herculean task in a business's operations. If done without due diligence, it could cause serious detriment to the business's efficiency and security.

The Solution

Ferkin attempted using other e-signing apps before realizing that Zoho Sign was the best choice for his agency.

"I used DocuSign often, since many of the carriers use them for their applications. But with Zoho Sign, the process is fast, secure, and inexpensive, and as a bonus, it's often easier for the clients."

Zoho Sign integrates tightly with other Zoho apps. This helps businesses synchronize customer data across apps and automate their workflows. Ferkin finds such integrations very helpful in making his agency efficient.

"Since using Zoho One, I can create templates and mail merge documents on other Zoho apps that can be sent directly for signatures via Zoho Sign. This makes my work so easy. The mail merge automatically puts all the customer information needed onto the form. The ease and speed of Zoho Sign is a game changer."

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why Ferkin Agency loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Easy to use for clients and business owners alike
  • Quick signing process
  • Tight integration with other Zoho products
  • Inexpensive when compared to alternatives
  • Uncomplicated and requires little effort to generate paperwork.

Looking Forward

With Zoho Sign, Ferkin Agency accelerated, simplified, and integrated its signing workflows. Ferkin expects to see more interesting features in Zoho Sign and use them along with the other products in Zoho One.

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