Boyd Entertainment chose Zoho Sign to simplify, accelerate, and automate their signing workflows.

Meet Vince Boyd

Hey, I'm Vince Boyd. I'm the owner and operator of Boyd Entertainment. Primarily, we are based out of the Calgary region in Canada. Currently, we have expanded to the Southern Alberta region as well.

What does my organization do?

Boyd Entertainment is a DJ and photo booth entertainment company. We provide our services for all kinds of social gatherings, weddings, corporate functions, and many such events.

How do we do it?

Over the last 25+ years, we have built a reputable name in the music entertainment services industry in the Calgary area. We supply DJs and set up photo booths for our clients. Our vision is to create memorable experiences for our customers who trust us with their entertainment needs.

The Problem

Before using Zoho Sign, contract signing was tedious for Boyd Entertainment!

When we asked Boyd about the business challenges he faced while managing paperwork physically, here's what he told us:

"Once a deal is finalized, the first step we take is getting the contract signed by our client. Before using an electronic signature application, such as Zoho Sign, the signing process was a hit or miss, as it was messy and inconvenient. It mostly depended on the technological know-how of my client. Some of them had no idea on how to print the contract, scan it after signing it physically, and email the signed contract back to me."

The Solution

In search of an alternative to physical signing, Boyd tried out various electronic signature apps. When we asked why he chose Zoho Sign over these alternatives, Boyd replied:

"I tried DocuSign, Panda Sign, Adobe Sign, and a few others that I don't remember. But Zoho Sign has made it a single-click signing process."

Zoho Sign is simple to use. Switching to an electronic signature service has made the experience effortless for Boyd's clients making it very easy to obtain signatures from them. Zoho Sign's automation features and tight integration with other Zoho products made it a comprehensive solution for Boyd's business.

"I can even accelerate the signing process by automating the signing workflows with other Zoho products. I am even more excited to start implementing workflows and automations throughout the Zoho family of products to trigger various actions when a document signing process is completed."

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why Boyd Entertainment loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Consistent and easy to manage
  • Tight integration with other Zoho products
  • Comprehensive signing solution when compared to alternatives
  • Accelerated signing with automated workflows

Looking Forward

Zoho Sign was pivotal in digitizing and automating Boyd Entertainment's workflows. Boyd anticipates seeing more interesting features in Zoho Sign, such as an option to auto-sign documents once all other recipients sign them.

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