BeCreative360 chose Zoho Sign for its ease of centralized document management and integration options.

Meet Chun Huang

Hello, I'm Chun Huang. I'm a product support specialist at BeCreative360.

What does my organization do?

BeCreative360 is a marketing agency that specializes in providing marketing services for dry cleaners.

How do we do it?

At BeCreative360, we provide a range of marketing services including monthly promotions, website designs, social media and reputation management, and brand identity creation.

The Problem

"Managing signing workflows and the signed documents was a hassle!"

Before using Zoho Sign, it was difficult for BeCreative360 to manage its signed documents and signing workflows. To solve their business challenges, they searched for a comprehensive digital signing solution.

The Solution

Huang was already a Zoho One user and stumbled upon Zoho Sign. Zoho Sign comfortably integrated with other Zoho applications, as well as third-party applications. Here's what Huang had to say about his experience using Zoho Sign:

"It does all that is needed in digital signing. The signing process is very easy now. We can also easily manage document signing. Moreover, it is part of the Zoho One package."

Integrating Zoho Sign with other applications made business operations seamless for BeCreative360.

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why BeCreative360 loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Ease of use
  • Centralized management
  • Efficient signing workflows
  • Tight integrations
  • Digital and paperless signing

Looking Forward

With Zoho Sign, BeCreative360 opted for an easy and seamless signing solution for document signing and management. Huang finds Zoho Sign simple and efficient, and he looks forward to trying more Zoho Sign features by integrating it with other applications.

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