What users are saying about us.

" After embedding Zoho SalesIQ on our website and operational platform we are closing deals faster and the customer support never was so efficient. With Zoho SalesIQ, we raise the bar of customer relationship. The platform is friendly for both sides and connects with Zoho CRM, assuring us full control of who we're talking to. "

Rodrigo Ferrer CTO | Pró-Laudo

" Zoho SalesIQ is great! We have a complex service and as I see visitors going through our web pages, our FAQs, our pricing and then back to our FAQs, I can get a sense of what of they’re struggling with. Then I can ask a specific question via the inline chat and help my prospect understand our offerings. And of course, the integration with Zoho CRM makes sure I can track what my current customers are doing as well. Zoho continues to roll new products that really helps my business grow and punch above our weight. And the pricing models Zoho has adopted means I can actually use the their tech without going broke! "

Ward Parsons Director | Picktre AB

" Got an awesome experience using Zoho SalesIQ service, we are using Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and are fully satisfied. A must have service if you want to capture leads through chat software, transfer and easily followup it CRM now without any manual work. They have great support and solve all our issues on time. "

Raj Sharma Director- Operations | WhizLabs

" Our experience with Zoho SalesIQ has been very positive. We can therefore concentrate on generating more sales to both existing and new customers by being easy accessible and service minded. Zoho SalesIQ is well-integrated into Zoho CRM. The Zoho team behind is listening to customer requests and constantly trying to improve the product. "

Bo Thygesen Director | Business Development 2base.com

" Zoho SalesIQ has helped our company tremendously. Since we provide an online recruiting platform, where users interact with one another, it is highly important for us to track our user engagement and sometimes help them through the live chat. In combination with Zoho CRM, SalesIQ is a must have for any company since it saves you a lot of time, gives you an overview about your users' experience and gives you the data needed to improve the website. Lastly, their customer service and help is absolutely fantastic and has helped me multiple times already. "

Yannick Weihs Co-Founder | Smarthlete

" We were pleased with the ease of implementation. We implemented Zoho SalesIQ in only 2 days with 1.5 team members working on it and we are amazed at the level of functionality and the number of features provided. The affordable cost of Zoho SalesIQ and its ease of use also make it a particularly valuable tool. But above everything, Zoho's customer support was always extremely responsive and friendly when we had needs or questions to ask.Zoho SalesIQ literally changed the way we provide assistance to thousands. We are very happy with and definitively continue to use it. "

Gobat Laurent Coordinator | Scientific Information University of Neuchatel

" Zoho SalesIQ was a useful addition to our sites since it gives our customers direct access to our staff. Their support team is particularly good with their helpful attitude in resolving any issues. "

Robert Czik Managing Director | Finders International

" Zoho SalesIQ has helped our business in many ways, but most notably the prospect interaction. We are able to handle questions from our prospects and customers on our online store, which often helps land sales. The visitor tracking and the seemless direct integration with the CRM is also a valued feature. Zoho listens to its customers and makes changes where it's needed, we can't wait to see what they will do next! "

Dennis Pedersen IT-manager | ProPoint

" ZohoSalesIQ is a great Web chat tool for any business who's serious to make the most of their website. We at @meine_kuche have it. "

Deepak Bharadia Founder | Meine Kuche