Here's how Zoho SalesIQ helps you ensure customer happiness

Compete with confidence in a mobile-first world

Customers today prefer placing orders from their handheld device rather than visiting a website, which means they're always just a swipe away from a competitor's or an aggregator's offer. Incorporate Zoho SalesIQ into your restaurant's mobile app using our native mobile SDK—Mobilisten—to attract customers with relevant messaging, let them place orders, and even contact you when they need help.

  • In-app, event-based chat support  

    Contextually display your live chat button whenever a user has trouble at any stage while using your app—for example, when their payment fails or when something they're looking for isn't available.

  • Push notification campaigns  

    Communicate with users even when they're offline by automatically sending personalized push notification campaigns. You can also nurture regular users with in-app messages.


Connect with customers immediately using chatbots

When it comes to hungry tummies, every second spent waiting for a response to an inquiry works against you. Our codeless bot-building platform helps you eliminate this entirely without even requiring coding experts. Our bot platform also helps you build smart conversational bots powered by AI technologies like IBM Watson, Dialogflow, or our own Zia.

  • Automated delivery orders and reservations  

    Make it easy for customers to place their orders or to reserve a table at your restaurant. Your chatbots can even suggest best-selling meal combinations, so all your customers have to do is click to add them to their order and select the delivery location.

  • Routine questions and small talk  

    Let your Zia-powered answer bot handle common customer questions like "When do you close?", "What are your specials?", or "Can you make special arrangements?". You can even enable your chatbots to make small talk by creating a library of responses and defining terms and keywords related to your offerings to train your bot.


Set up a knowledge base

Create a resource library where customers can look up answers to frequent inquiries like regular specials, serving sizes, nutritional values, deals and offers, restaurant policies, healthy alternatives for certain dishes, and more. Your bots can also pull from this while chatting.


Gather customer details and preferences

View your website visitors' and mobile app users' real-time actions, time spent on a page, and navigation paths to uncover bottlenecks and understand their preferences. This insight can pave new avenues as you work towards impressing your customers and coming up with offerings that are in demand.


Please both casual diners and corporate customers

Boost corporate catering orders

Keeping your corporate catering clientele happy can have a big impact on your bottom line. Our profile enrichment powered by Zia helps you identify website visitors from different companies and get relevant details to automatically trigger corporate discount banners. You can also use data from your CRM to show the menu packages a company has selected before.


Chat your way into your customers' hearts

In a physical restaurant, you'd recognize regular diners and engage in personal conversations to make them feel welcome. Extend this to your website and app by connecting Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM. Delight them with personalized messages regarding loyalty programs, special deals on important days, or themed nights and events.


Have vital conversations over a call

Whether you're handling a complicated request or trying to placate an unhappy customer, sometimes it's necessary to hear a live voice on the other end. SalesIQ lets you easily switch to an audio call when chat just isn't enough.


Purge abusive chats

Whether a customer has turned from upset to abusive or a troll has discovered your chat, you sometimes have to shut a conversation down. To protect your team, SalesIQ lets you configure a chat closure or block an IP when customers use abusive language. Bot sessions that encounter such words are automatically closed or the IP address is blocked without transferring to an agent.

If this situation occurs in a chat with a human agent, the IP address of the customer can be blocked manually.


View all the data you need

Create widgets to display all the details you need while talking to a customer—their order details, delivery tracking, special requests made, and more—right beside the chat. You can also perform actions like refunding an unhappy customer's bill or logging an issue in your internal channels.


Perfect your customer engagement recipe with analytics

Stay prepared to handle peak times, reduce bottlenecks and put your best foot forward using our detailed reports and analytics. Gather and manage customer feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

Drilled-down reports and analytics

Track your app's or website's engagement and customer service metrics with Zoho SalesIQ's extensive reports and make sense of it with our Zoho Analytics integration. You can also merge data from Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Salesforce CRM, and more with Zoho SalesIQ to do end-to-end multifunctional analytics.

Customer feedback management

Gather detailed customer feedback to improve any flaws in your visitor engagement and customer service. You can even get in touch with unhappy customers by email right from within Zoho SalesIQ to placate them and improve customer satisfaction.

Guarantee satisfied bellies and minds with this restaurant customer engagement tool

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