What's New in Zoho People: February 2022

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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February 2022 - Zoho People Product Updates

Last month, we introduced a new set of features to Zoho People, and we are excited to share them with you! Each new feature helps simplify HR processing so you can provide an exceptional employee experience.

Here's what's new in Zoho People:

  • Learner progress report in LMS

The learning management system (LMS) in Zoho People allows organizations to coordinate online training programs for their employees. The LMS module provides administrators with reports on course ratings, course types, and trainer ratings in just a single tap. To help course administrators make more informed decisions, we've introduced a new report that enables them to track learner progress. The learner progress report provides a list of all the courses an employee has taken, along with the completion status, completion percentage, and final grade. Learn more about the learner progress report.

  • Drop-down question type in LMS

Zoho People's LMS also helps administrators conduct flexible online tests. Our test question formats already included true or false, multiple-choice, single answer, fill in the blanks, and pair matching. With our update, test creators can now have learners select answers from a drop-down menu. Each drop-down menu can include up to four choices. Learn more about this new question type. 

  • Disabling case reopen permissions

Zoho People's case management system allows employees to reference FAQs, submit and track the status of case requests, and provide feedback on how their request was handled. Before our February update, any user could reopen a request if they needed additional assistance. Now, administrators can restrict users from reopening cases themselves. This way, only the administrators and agents handling the request can reopen the case if necessary. Learn more about this new feature. 

  • Onboarding setting adjustment

Our comprehensive onboarding management system helps new hires get acclimated. One of the system settings allows administrators to define when new hires must complete the onboarding process (e.g., within 10 days of their start date). With our update, administrators can now adjust the onboarding time on a case-by-case basis. If a candidate completes the onboarding process after the specified time, they'll be notified to change their tentative start date. Learn more about this setting. 

  • Option to extend the self-appraisal period

The performance management system in Zoho People supports self-review so that managers and HR professionals can make informed performance decisions. Before, employees could not submit self-reviews after their official review date. With our most recent changes, reviewers can extend the self-review period for employees who missed the deadline. Learn more about the self appraisal process.

  • Approval for cancellation option

The approvals for cancellation feature in Zoho People allows employees to cancel a previously raised approval request. Now, administrators can set specific deadlines for approval cancellations (e.g., within three days of making the request). With this option, employees cannot cancel approvals once the deadline passes. Learn more about approval settings. 

Looking forward

We're confident that these updates will make your HR processing even more efficient. Give these features a try and let us know how they help you streamline HR operations at your organization. To ask questions or provide feedback, email us at support@zohopeople.com.

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