• 15 Best CRO tools to consider in 2022

15 Best CRO tools to consider in 2022

  • Last Updated : March 27, 2024
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15 Best CRO tools to consider in 2022

When you want to focus on converting your existing traffic into paying customers, that's where conversion rate optimization (CRO) steps in. With in-depth observations and data-backed experiments, a CRO software solution can help you fine-tune your website and increase conversions. These tools help users collect and track a website's important KPIs, understand user behaviour, test what works and what doesn't, and address issues and obstacles that hinder your conversions—all steps to optimize and personalize your website.

To break it down, every complete CRO platform must include the following tools:

 Website Analytics: To track your website performance.

 Funnel Analysis: To visualize the sales funnel by mapping the user journey.

 Session Replay: To record and replay visitor interaction with your website.

 Heatmaps: To track user clicks, scrolls, and time spent on every web page section.

 A/B testing: To test web page variations and choose the best performer.

 Form Analytics: To understand form interactions and eliminate friction in submissions.

 Personalization: To deliver personalized content to every visitor.

 Polls, push notifications, pop-ups: To engage with your visitor and gather feedback.

You'll also want to ensure that the software:

  • is GDPR-Compliant

  • has a user-friendly interface

  • has basic features like a filter and segment option, real-time tracking, and audience parameters for experiments

  • has a no-code editor to make live website changes whenever necessary

  • Integrates with other complementary tools

Today we will look at the 15 best CRO software tools on the market. Multiple CRO tools available cater to different needs. You need to find the right one that fits your current needs and helps you add other optimization possibilities to the roadmap.

Zoho PageSense

Let's start with our own CRO solution, Zoho PageSense, which we obviously think highly of. That's because it has exceptional tools to track and analyze your website performance and visitor behavior. This enables you to make data-driven changes focusing on conversion, optimization, personalization, and engagement. Zoho PageSense has been one of the most widely used platforms among SMBs to start their optimization journey.

We designed it for ease of experimentation, and our DIY visual editor allows non-technical teams to build and conduct experiments without hassle.

Best known for: Goal tracking, where you can set a goal for every experiment you run and measure its KPIs. PageSense also offers 10+ tools that include: Heatmaps, A/B testing, session recording, reporting and analytics, personalization, polls, push notifications, and pop-ups, which complement each other when it comes to running CRO experiments.

Suitable For: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: This feature-rich bundle starts at $16/month for 10,000 users

It's one of the few A/B testing and CRO software tools that believe in transparent pricing with no hidden charges.


Best known for its full feature bundles, this experimentation platform allows you to run experiments on websites, products, and apps. They segregated their features into six bundles, allowing visitors to choose their option based on their needs.

They also offer "VWO services" that allow you to work with VWO experts to ideate, implement, and manage your entire CRO process with the goal of having a positive impact on your KPIs.

Best known for: Easy-to-use interfaces with a straightforward UI, where you can run multiple tests on multiple URLs and make website changes using its visual editor.

Suitable For: Medium and enterprise businesses

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a modern web analytics and CRO tool that implements machine learning, AI, and other modern techniques to deliver advanced customer insights. Their powerful segmentation makes it easier to visualize complex data and helps you understand what drives the core KPIs of your business.

If you're interested in purchasing the entire Adobe Stack and you have a strong tech team on your side, this solution might work for you.

Best known for: Their flow analytics tool helps you understand where visitors left or navigated through a predefined set of pages on your website or mobile app.

Suitable for: Enterprises

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request

Google Optimize

With Google Optimize, you can experiment with A/B tests, website testing, and personalization to enhance your customer experience. Integrating your account with Google Analytics helps you track web performance, gauge your marketing campaigns' success, and understand user behavior patterns. It's the only free tool in the CRO market with limited features that work for basic experiments. For advanced features, you can upgrade to Google Optimize 360, whose price tag is available only on request.

Best known for: Powerful reporting on website performance and integrations with other applications.

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized businesses

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Free version available

{Tip: Zoho PageSense integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. It allows you to push all your A/B and Split URL experiment data and view in-depth visitor metrics about the experiments running on your website within Google Analytics.

You can also integrate PageSense with Google Ads to track the Google Ad campaigns you ran on your website or landing page. Find which campaign delivered the most clicks, impressions, and conversions for your business. In addition, track the key metrics like cost per conversion generated via a particular ad. Read more about this integration.}


Heap is a website analytics tool that auto-captures things such as visitor interactions, form submits, user behavior, and which channels drive maximum conversions. You can define your events and set up experiments with their event visualizer.

Best known for: Its funnel analysis feature that helps to view and define events on your analyzed web pages. This way, you can understand your customer's entry and exit points on the website.

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized businesses

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request

Full Story

With Full Story, you can derive key qualitative and quantitative insights for websites and mobile apps. Find what frustrates the users on your website through session replays. Build common paths of your user journey and analyze where the most drop-offs are high.

Best known for: Full Story helps address the hidden obstacles on your website. Their various behavioral tools, including heatmaps and scroll maps, aid in visualizing user journeys across all devices.

Suitable for: Medium and enterprise businesses

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request


This is another CRO tool that's mostly used for testing purposes by many brands. You can run A/B tests without having to know to code. Their feature management tool enables them to ship new features without affecting the app performance and website metrics. They also offer a CMS system to create, publish, and manage content in one place.

Best known for: Their AI product recommendation tool delivers recommended products and content to customers via website and email.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request

Lucky Orange

This feature-rich CRO tool helps you understand website user behavior. Track website metrics and identify which channels and audience segments drive the most conversions.

Best known for: You can view the entire history of your visitor's experience through session recordings, chat box and conversion funnel, and observe behavioral patterns for every audience segment.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: $9/month, billed annually.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a web optimization tool mostly used for A/B testing and heatmaps. It has a user-friendly interface that doesn't require coding to start. Their basic behavioral analysis tools help businesses visualize what's working and what's not on their website.

Best known for: Tools to understand user journeys such as confetti snapshots, attention maps, and click reports.

Suitable for: Small and medium business

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $24/month


Mixpanel is a product analytics tool to measure and understand your target audience. It lets you create and track user-based events within your product and identify the most popular features and the users behind your conversions.

Best known for: Their customizable interactive dashboard helps monitor important KPIs in one place. You can set alerts for sudden spikes like a decrease in user activation, abnormal behavioral patterns, and more.

Suitable for: Medium and enterprise businesses

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plan starts at $25/month

{Tip: If you're using Mixpanel to monitor your website's traffic and get more visibility on how customers interact with your site pages, integrating with PageSense can help you extract powerful insights about your A/B and Split URL experiment data. This integration lets you automatically push all your A/B and Split URL experiment data into Mixpanel reports and collect detailed data about all the visitor actions on your site for each experiment variation. Read more about the Mixpanel-PageSense integration.}

Usability Hub

Run tests with real users and collect insights. Usability Hub is a user research platform where you can validate your product design, leverage in-product messaging, and use other new features to make better design decisions. You can add your curated list of users or choose from their user panel based on your target audience.

Best known for: Its user research tools such as prototype tests, five-second tests, design surveys, first click tests, and preference tests.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: No

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plan starts at $79/month

A/B Tasty

With A/B Tasty, you can run multiple experiments on websites, mobile apps, and in-product. They offer tools for feature release management that allow you to test new features on targeted segments and automatically roll them back if they don't perform as expected. Use their WYSIWYG editor to build variations and track the metrics on their real-time reporting dashboard.

Best known for: It's the ability to run client-side, server-side testing and personalization experiments without having to deploy code.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: On request

Landing Page Optimization Tools 

Landing pages are curated for a niche audience and for a specific purpose. Landing Page Optimization involves enhancing and improving website elements to convert visitors into customers. The goal is to engage the target audience effectively and drive high-quality leads.

{Tip: If you're using Zoho Sites, our website builder for creating visually appealing websites, you can easily add the Zoho PageSense code snippet on your Sites websites and start tracking visitor data in a few simple clicks, without the need to install the code manually. Read more about installing the PageSense code snippet.}


One of the most advanced landing page builders that offer tools for landing page creation, personalization, experimentation, AdMap, collaboration, and page speed. They also provide optimization solutions for channels such as social ads, Google Ads, and display ads.

Best known for: Users can create landing pages without needing a developer and can derive insights via heatmaps, A/B testing, analytics, and multivariate testing under one roof.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $199 per month, billed annually


Using Unbounce, businesses can create landing pages via a drag-and-drop builder. They also offer prebuilt templates curated for every industry. You can create dynamic landing pages with a custom domain and leverage their AI-powered Smart Traffic feature to drive targeted traffic based on user behavior.

Best known for: Their conversion intelligence platform offers many AI-powered tools that enable businesses to create high-performing campaigns and ads.

Suitable for: All business sizes

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $81 per month, billed annually


This website and landing page builder offers basic tools for lead generation, such as alert bars and popup forms. Choose a customizable template based on your preference. Use their no-code builder to publish mobile-responsive pages with a custom domain. Businesses can use their basic analytics tool to understand web page performance and optimize it accordingly through A/B and split testing.

Best known for: They offer 200+ website templates and built-in SEO functionalities to add meta descriptions and media.

Suitable for: Small and medium businesses.

Third-party integration: Yes

Pricing: Starts at $37/month, billed annually

CRO is a continuous process 

To conclude, CRO isn't just for running one-time experiments and testing. Website analytics plays an important part of any CRO process that helps you identify your potential audience, track user data, observe unusual traffic spikes, and much more. By deploying CRO, you can not only fix the barriers that stop existing users from converting but also optimize your website to offer them a better website experience.

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