We recommend that you configure your organization within Motivator before you start using it. The Settings page gives you quick access to the tools you need to manage Zoho Motivator. From here, you can activate or deactivate users, manage your teams, tweak your Zoho CRM connectivity and synchronization options, and much more.

Synchronize with your Zoho CRM Account

Zoho CRM and Zoho Motivator are automatically synchronized on a regular basis. However, you can manually sync with CRM when needed using the CRM Sync option.

Sync Options | Manually Sync Motivator with CRM

Manage Users

Manage users in Zoho Motivator who will be participating in KPIs, contests, and targets.

Activate or Deactivate Users in Zoho Motivator | Add a CRM User | Change CRM User’s Profile Permissions

Manage Teams

Create, edit, and delete teams in Zoho Motivator.

Create Teams | Edit Teams | Delete Teams

Customize Logo

Personalize Motivator by customizing the logo on the Motivator UI and Motivator TV.

Upload Image from Your Computer | Use Image from Website | Remove Logo Image

Set Week and Fiscal Year

Match the work week and fiscal year in Motivator to those used in your company and ensure that Zoho Motivator tracks and reports weekly and yearly KPIs and targets as expected.

Set Week, Fiscal year, and Bi-weekly Settings

Configure Pipeline

Define how you would like the data from CRM to show on the pipeline velocity and pipeline stage dashboards.

Set Definition of Potential Stages | Set Definition of Non-won Deals


Configure and view settings related to privacy.

View Activities Logs | Request Stored Data | Delete Organization Data