Getting Started

Before you start using Zoho Motivator, we recommend configuring your account settings and exploring the interface a bit. Be sure to check out Dashboards, Targets, Contests, and TV Channels to get a better understanding of the product.

Account Settings

The first step is to ensure that all of your company's CRM data is accessible for KPIs, targets, and contests. Motivator synchronizes CRM data using the security token held by the first person from your organization to log into Motivator. If this person does not have full access to your company's CRM data, get someone with CRM Super Admin privileges to log into Motivator and configure the CRM sync settings.

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Use dashboards to organize and track your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), targets, and contests. The Home dashboard comes with default KPIs already added, such as Leads Created, Potentials Created, and Revenue Generated. You can easily configure, hide, edit, and delete these KPIs by clicking the Action Menu icon [​...​] in the top-right corner of the KPI tile. You can also add your own KPIs, targets, and contests by clicking the add button at the top, such as +KPI, +TARGET, or +CONTEST.

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Once you have setup your KPIs, you can begin setting targets to focus users on key sales activities to meet your goals (e.g., lead creation, potential creation, etc.). To set targets for a KPI, click the Action Menu icon [...] in the top-right corner of the KPI tile and select Set Targets. Begin by selecting a period (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly) and then specify target numbers for the company, teams, and/or individuals. You can now track progress visually and everyone will receive a personalized scorecard to keep them engaged and on-track to meet your goals.

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To further energize your team around selected KPIs or targets (e.g., KPIs that are “down" or targets that are "off-track"), you can create contests by clicking the Action Menu icon [...] in the top-right corner of the KPI or target tile and then select Create Contest.

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TV Channels

Broadcast KPIs, targets, and contests on large-screen TVs in your sales office to boost visibility, recognition, and fun. All plans include a default Contests channel that shows currently active contests. Paid plans (and trials) also provide additional default channels as well as custom channels you can configure yourself. To add a custom channel, corresponding custom dashboard must be created. Just click the More button at the top of any dashboard you wish to show, and select Enable TV View. Contents of that dashboard will be displayed in the TV channel. You can display KPIs and targets as "snapshots" to highlight total company, team, and individual performance or as "leaderboards" to rank and compare individuals and teams.

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Live Dashboards

Live Dashboard shows the components of selected tiles (such as KPI, targets, and contests) to track and focus on key sales activities in real time. You can gain real-time insights about your sales team's performance using Live Dashboard. Customize and visualize your key metrics to take prompt actions to keep your team on track.

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