The Targets page shows targets set for the company, teams, and individuals. Administrators can view all targets, targets they're managing, their scorecard, and their personal targets. Non-administrators can view their scorecard and personal targets. Once administrators set targets, everyone receives personalized scorecards that indicate their progress visually to keep them engaged and on-track.



  • The free plan does not support company targets.
  • Administrators can create and edit company, team, individual, and personal targets.
    Other users can only view their scorecards and create and edit personal targets.

Check Scorecards

Scorecards provide an overview of target status at a glance and make it easy to identify targets in need of attention.

Pacing Indicators

Set Targets

Set new targets for the company, teams, and individuals.

Set a New Target | Add Existing Targets to the Dashboard

Manage Targets

Edit or delete targets that are already set.

Edit Target | Delete Target