Contests can help energize salespeople and boost performance. Use them to increase engagement among your teams.

In the Contests page, administrators can view, add, delete, and edit all contests while anyone else can only view contests in which they are participants or observers.

Clicking on a contest will display the Contest Details page including leaderboard, rules, and prizes (if any).

Contests Page

Detail View


  • The free plan supports just one active contest at any given time.
  • Only Administrators can create Contests and only active Motivator users can be added as participants or observers.

Behavioral Rules

Behaviors define what a contest is about. If you create a contest from the Action Menu icon [...] of a KPI or Target, the behaviors are auto-populated for you.

Add Behavior | Choose the CRM module you want to track | Copy rules from an existing behavior?Point Computation | Record Selection | Point RecipientOnly include records when they satisfy | Other Custom Rules (optional)

Contest Status

Proceedings of contests in your organization are categorized in various statuses.

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Manage Contests

Access easily to the contests which you are participating or observing. Edit or delete the contests that are already set and announce results when the contest is over.

Participating | Observing | Edit Contest | Delete Contest | Announce Results