Dashboards in Zoho Motivator provide an overview of your sales activities to help you track and improve your sales performance. Dashboards provide a unified view of selected KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), targets, and contests, with real-time indicators to highlight areas of interest.

Types of Dashboards

There are several types of dashboards, which you can select from the Dashboards menu in the top navigation bar.

  • Home: Access this dashboard to get an overview of key business metrics for your organization. Click on any tile (KPI, target, contest, or leaderboard) to get in-depth information.
  • Pipeline Velocity: Access the Pipeline Velocity dashboard to determine the speed at which leads are moving through your sales pipeline.
  • Pipeline Stages: The Pipeline Stages dashboard provides insight into the various stages your potentials are moving through before they become closed deals.
  • Custom: Create your own custom dashboards to meet your needs.
  • All KPIs: Shows all KPIs that are visible to the user.


  • The free plan does not support custom dashboards.
  • Administrators can add, delete, and edit dashboards.
    Users can only view dashboards that are shared with them by Administrators.


Manage Dashboards

Add and configure tiles in your home and custom dashboards. Share them with the company, teams, or individuals.

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Pipeline Velocity

Pipeline Velocity indicates how quickly opportunities are moving through your sales pipeline on their way to becoming Closed Won deals.

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Pipeline Stages

Pipeline Stages shows your win rate, average sales cycle length, and stage conversion rates for potentials closed in the selected period.

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KPIs are metrics that sales managers can use to evaluate the performance of an employee.

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