Webmail Interface

Zoho Mail Suite has an easy to use webmail, with features that help the users to organize emails, respond to them and collaborate with their team effectively. The users can easily classify and refer to the emails using folders, labels, filters, search etc.

Further there are personalization options in Settings, to use the webmail based on individual preferences. 

Zoho Web Mail

Top Banner

In the Top Banner, you can click the hamburger menu in the top left, near logo to view and access the other Zoho Apps. 

The icons on the top right of your Zoho Mail, helps you to access Streams, Attachment Viewer, Notificaitions, Settings and  Help documents. You can hover over the Avtar to view your profile details and sign out of your active Zoho Session.

The Super Administrators and Administrators can access Control Panel, from the menu below the Settings Icon. 

Mail Suite Apps

Zoho Mail has a set of apps, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Links that are part of Zoho Mail Suite. The apps can be accessed from the Apps pane in the extreme left.

Steps to change the order of the applications:

You can change the order of Mail Suite applications following the steps below:

  1. Login to www.zoho.com/mail
  2. Click Settings >> Mail Organization >> Rearrange 
  3. Drag and Drop the icons to change the order 
  4. The order of the applications will be automatically updated.

Left Pane

The left pane remains constant and has the Compose, Folders, Labels and Views. The different POP accounts are displayed as icons below the apps in the left pane. You can select the icon to load the particular account in the mail tab. Clicking the Mail Icon will open the Zoho Account.  

Multiple Tabs View 

Zoho Mail supports multiple tab view. By default the current application is listed in the First or Default tab. The Search results, Settings, Attachment Viewer, Composer all open in new tabs, to effectively manage multi-tasking inside Webmail, without losing the context. 

Similarly when you have attachments like documents or spreadsheets in email, you can also view them also in a new tab.

Email Listing

Email listing is the area where the emails are listed based on the selected Folder/ Label/ View/ Search. The emails can be sorted and searched in this area. 

You can also drag and drop the messages from Email listing to various folders to move them, or over labels to apply labels. The attachments in an email can be accessed directly from the Attachment Viewer and perform quick actions over the attachment. 

Preview Pane

You can use the vertical preview pane, to view the emails along with the email listing. Preview pane is the most easy way to navigate through the emails using up and down keys in the email listing. 

You can choose 'Open in Tab' to view the emails in tab, instead of the preview pane. 

Search Box

You can provide some terms to locate the emails you look for. The Auto-Fill helps you to quickly prefill the email address to search based on the contacts. You can use Advanced Search to search providing multiple conditions for a more precise search. 

Embedded Chat / Instant Messenger (IM)

Zoho Mail is a collaborative email, which comes with embedded Zoho Chat option. You can add your organization members as your chat buddies, providing their Zoho Email addresses. The instant messenger is essential, for the organizations for easy internal communications. IM also provide support for Group Chats, where you can instantly communicate with a group of contacts. 

By default, Zoho Chat is also a part of Zoho Mail Suite. The Zoho Chat app for mobile devices is available for iOS and Android devices.

Supported Browsers

Zoho Mail provides a webmail interface that can be accessed from any standard browser, to send and receive emails.

You can use the current and recent stable versions of the following browsers. 

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Safari

Javascript is used to make the Zoho Mail pages interactive. Cookies are required to store and use the current user session and details for validation. Hence the browsers should be Javascript and cookies enabled to use Zoho Mail.  You can refer this third party help page, for detailed and step by step instructions to enable JavaScript in popular browsers.