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Why audit-trail with Zoho Books?

Use audit trail to draw clear insights on your business transactions

If you are looking for an accounting software that is ready with audit trail, your search ends here. The audit trail allows a business to monitor its activities and prevent fraud.

  • Assist auditors with accounts

    Auditors can use audit trail to retrace the history of a particular transaction right from the source. Zoho Books captures all user and system-generated transactions and does not allow the disabling of audit trails, complying with government mandates.

  • Keep your users accountable

    The audit trail maintains a record of every action performed within Zoho Books, along with a timestamp and the details of the user who performed that action. This makes it easy to monitor who created, modified, or deleted transactions in your books.

  • Provide numerous points of analysis

    When a business handles a huge number of transactions, it becomes difficult to make use of all the information in the audit trail. Zoho Books allows you to see specific versions of changes that were recorded in terms of customers, vendors, items, journals, and settings, to name a few.

  • Compare and comprehend the data

    Zoho Books lets you compare multiple versions of the activities and changes made within your organisation. This helps you get a detailed comparison of all the changes that have occurred to a particular transaction from time to time.

Simple and affordable pricing.

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₹899 billed monthly
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₹9,599 billed monthly
*Businesses with revenue less than 25 lakhs per annum are eligible for the FREE Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is audit trail?

    An audit trail is a date and time stamped record of details regarding a financial transaction.

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    When is the amendment coming into effect?

    Initially, the MCA had mandated this amendment to come into effect on April 1, 2022. However, in its latest announcement, the MCA has deferred the deadline by a year to April 1, 2023.

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    Is audit trail feature available in all plans of Zoho Books?

    Yes. Audit trail is available in all the plans of Zoho Books, starting from the Free plan.

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    How does the audit trail feature benefit my business?

    The audit trail feature helps your business by letting you detect and prevent fraud, increase the accuracy of your financial records and validating and verifying the source of a particular transaction.

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    What should be included in the audit trail?

    An audit trail should include information regarding every change that is made to a record in the application. Along with the nature of the change, it also saves timestamp and the details of the user who made the change.

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    What information does the audit trail in Zoho Books provide?

    The audit trail in Zoho Books provides details on when the action was performed, who performed the action, the module where the action was performed, and what the action performed was.


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