Working with Dashboards

Dashboard is a pictorial representation of your custom reports, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using dashboards, you can easily visualize the patterns and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data. For example, you can glance at the products that are selling fast over a period of time, compare the current quarter sales with previous quarter sales, or compare the actual sales to the projected sales.

In Zoho CRM, the dashboard comprises of different types of two-dimensional and three-dimensional charts (components). These charts are built with Adobe Flash technology, which displays the data dynamically. The various types of charts are bar, pie, line, table, donut, area or funnel. The unique feature in Zoho CRM is the Funnel chart, which can be used to visualize the various stages in sales pipeline.


  • Please ensure that your Web browser supports Adobe Flash
  • In case your browser does not support Adobe Flash plug-in, click the Flash plug-in icon to install it.


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Dashboard Tab and Manage Reports & Dashboards permission.



  • Some of the international currency symbols will not be displayed properly.
  • Dashboard properties (color, gradient, borders, background etc.) cannot be modified through user interface.
  • Dashboards need to be refreshed manually to display the up-to-minute changes.
  • Only Summary Reports can be added to the dashboard.

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