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Working with Cases

In the world of Internet, online Customer Support has become an integral part of the organizations' business process. Customer Support is an important activity in all types of product and service industries. In general, case trouble tickets are used to capture customer feedback on various types of issues that arise after purchasing a product or service from your company. Sometimes customers provide good feature requests using this platform, that may be useful when developing future product or service enhancements.


Profile Permission Required: Access to the Cases Tab that includes View, Create, Edit and Delete permissions.

Typical Case Management Process

  1. Customize the fields in the Case page according to your organization's Customer Support process (You may use the existing fields, disable some of the fields, or add new custom fields).
  2. Set up the case generation process by completing the Case form, importing the case data from external sources, or capturing cases directly from your Website using Web-to-Case form.
  3. Assign cases to the correct users using the workflow rules.
  4. Follow-up on cases until resolutions are sent to the customers.
  5. Once the resolution is working fine, add the solution to the publicly accessible Solutions module for future reference.

In Zoho CRM, cases can be generated through telephone, E-mail, or Website. In addition, you can also generate cases from customer specific e-mails in Microsoft Outlook using the Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook. See Also Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 

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