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Standard Fields in Campaigns

Following are the list of Zoho defined standard fields available in the Campaigns module:

Field NameDescriptionData typeMaximum Limit
Campaign OwnerSelect the name of the user to whom the campaign is assigned.Pick list-
Campaign Name*Specify the name of the campaign.Text boxAlphanumeric(40)
TypeSelect the type of the campaign.Pick List-
StatusSelect the status of the campaign.Pick List-
Start DateSpecify the date on which the campaign starts.Date format-
End DateSpecify the date on which the campaign ends.Date format-
Expected RevenueSpecify the revenue expected after launching the campaign.Currency-
Actual CostSpecify the actual amount spent on the campaign.Currency-
Budgeted CostSpecify the planned amount to be spent on the campaign.Currency-
Expected ResponseSpecify the campaign turnout percentage.Number 
Num sentSpecify the number of leads/contacts to whom the campaign details has been sent.Text boxIntegers
Created ByDisplays name of the user created the campaign first time.Date/Time-
Modified ByDisplays name of the user modified the campaignDate/Time 
DescriptionSpecify additional details about the campaign.Text area32000 characters

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