Zoho CRM allows you to create specific set of actions that aide in automating your sales and marketing activities. There are totally 5 actions that you can create and these actions can be associated with Workflow rules, Blueprint and Approval Process. The actions include:

  • sending email notifications
  • assigning tasks to users
  • updating fields
  • communicating with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications
  • updating data in related CRM modules or third-party applications by executing simple program scripts.

Actions are defined for specific modules. Workflow rules, Approval processes and Blueprints created for a module can have actions that are created for the same module. These actions are triggered when the the criteria is met in associated features. For example, you can direct a record for approval either when the record is edited or created and associate an email alert to the manager who needs to approve. Similarly, in Blueprint different actions (email alerts, assign task or field update) can be set to trigger when a deal moves from one stage to another. Under workflow rules, Zoho CRM allows you to associate actions that can be triggered immediately when the conditions are met or schedule them to be triggered on a specific time.


  • Improves efficiency by automating task assignment.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Enhances businesss processes through standardized working methods.

Email Notifications

Set rules for email alerts at the completion of task.


Create tasks will be assigned to users when the conditions are met. 

Field Updates

Assign rule for updating fields as and when the criteria is satisfied. 


Notify or communicate events to third-party applications as soon as an event takes place.


Configure a fuction from pre-defined list or customize your own function based on the organizational needs. Notify users about these updates upon fulfillment of criteria.



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