Embeddable Forms, Forms for Website

Zoho Creator' form builder lets you build online forms for your custom needs and embed it in your webiste. This enables you to collect data from your visitors to your website, easily and quickly

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Who are online form builders for?

Almost anyone, would be an obvious answer. Anyone who has the need to collect large data from users, anyone who wants to analyze and generate reports based on data can put Zoho Creator online form builder to good use. Such forms need to be distributed to a large audience to enter data. It is very easy when the forms are online. Here is where a online form builder as Zoho Creator comes in handy. Not only can you create online forms and collect data, but forms are also embeddable. You can analyze, generate reports.

The Online Form Builder and Embedding Advantage

  • Hassle free data:online forms are online, so they reside on our servers.They are accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. Experience hassle free access to your online forms and data, without installation, maintenance and upgrade nuisance. Being online, Zoho Creator Online Form Builder Software lets you access your online forms and online data from anywhere across the globe, at any convenient time. All you need is a browser with internet connectivity, and you are good to go.
  • The easier it can get: Online forms can be created by dragging the required form elements. Business logic and workflow too can be added the same easy way. Even the Deluge Script builder that is used to add power to online forms, works the sleek drag-and-drop way. What else could bother a user with no technical expertise? Zoho Creator, the easy online form builder lets you do your online form building, the simple way.
  • Integrity: By letting us host your online forms, you can never lose data unless you want to. All your data entered in online forms is backed up securely everyday in multiple servers located in multiple locations. Even if you accidentally delete data, we can retrieve it for you up to the last checkpoint. With Zoho Creator online form builder, your online forms and data can either stay private or go public, whichever you prefer. Share it with a selective group of members or publicize it on your website for everyone to enter data. You can also include a "Captcha" to keep spammers out.
  • Collaboration, made easy:Share the online forms and views you created using Zoho Creator, the online form builder, easily with a selective group of members or publicize it for everyone to access. In alternation to distribution of forms to individuals, you can now embed these online forms on websites and blogs for your viewers to access and input information.

Zoho Creator - online Form and online-based Form Builder

  • About online based Form BuilderZoho Creator online form and online database builder has been the trusted one for more than 400,000 users, and that definitely includes a handful of world's famous brands too. If not the 100,000+ successfully deployed forms under our belt, what else would convince you? Here is a gist of what Zoho Creator has to offer.
  • What you need to know:Zoho Creator online form and database builder takes all the table creation and maintenance complexity, headaches like Storage, Availability and Security, away from you. Being a pioneer online form builder, Zoho Creator bestows flexibility on the administrator to modify table attributes and transform both data and table structure, while allowing users full access to the database. All the changes and modification are made instantly without any deployment delay or patch update.

    For building competent and efficient online forms you need not be an expert programmer. Think we are bluffing? Check out Zoho Creator, the online forms and database builder. It offers a sleek drag-and-drop interface to create tables and forms, add business rules and also build custom online databases in a jiffy. Zoho Creator online Database Software's flexible and scalable approach enables administrators to create custom online forms and databases in quick time that scales well along with your business.
  • Community:Zoho Creator online forms and online database builder has a strong community of independent developers who can help you in your database development process. Zoho Creator Forum is the place to share knowledge and ideas with each other, post questions or issues and get help from experts. Zoho Creator team (the geeks behind the platform) also pitch-in to provide solutions and help in addressing your concerns regarding our online form builder.


Online Form Builder Features

notification embed export draganddrop security captcha attachment customization reports

Drag-and-Drop Interface

We detest complexity. That's why we didn't put any in our application. Zoho Creator's pride lies mainly in being easy to tame, not only for the geeks, but for the not-so's too. If not, how else do you think 80% of our customers have built their custom applications all by themselves? All credits to the intuitive drag and drop interface, not only in form designing, but also in adding business logic.

Embed Forms in your website/blogs

Creating multiple online forms is free and easy, alright, but what have we done to make data collection as easy? You can embed your form on websites, wiki or blogs for your viewers to enter data. It can be done by including a couple of lines of code and is as easy as sharing the link via email. After the process of data analysis, you can generate reports based on collected data and publicize them as well. If your website's color scheme does not get on very well with the default template, change it to what suits. Modify form properties, header, footer and width of labels and fields as you would like them to be. Go build your embeddable forms for free.

Generate Reports

Reports become inevitable when you want to analyze progress over a certain span of time for the collected data. It provides a graphical intepretation of raw data, thus making it convenient to analyze. Options are that you can create reports as a pivot chart or pivot table. Reports can be generated based on an existing view that needs to be mentioned during generation. In addition to all these, you can sort or filter data on any column and isolate the required data alone from the large repository.

Export data in various formats

Just as you enter records into the database, you can opt out anytime too. Suppose you wish to view the database on a speadsheet or want to print a hard copy out or want to share it with friends, it is possible to export the database as seven different file and feed formats; Spreadsheet, HTML Document, PDF, RSS Feed, JSON Feed, CSV Feed and TSV Feed. These formats are supported by many other applications such as Excel, open office, Zoho Sheet and Google Docs. Feeds are mainly intended to keep you updated on changes made to the database.

Email Notification

Data collection using online forms, we thought, would not be so complete without notification options. That's why we have come up with this feature: email notification. You could do with this option especially when a large number of users add or alter records on your database. Scheduling a notification will let you stay updated on all happenings on the database. You are more than welcome to customize the mailbox you wish to get the notifications in. If a database is administered by more than one user, then too, notifications can be scheduled for multiple mailboxes using Cc and Bcc options.

Set Captcha

You create forms and share it with others or embed it on websites. Though it is targetted at intended audience, such public forms would surely be victimized by smammers. Here is a countermeasure. Adding Captcha in your form should prevent undesired entries of record into your database. Captcha is a set of squigly letters, which when reproduced alone, would allow a user to submit the record. With that, you can look forward to seeing relevant data alone in your databases.


Adding data alone would make your database very dull and static. We knew you would appreciate being able to upload files too; images to jazz up the data and files that have supportive information to the entered data. Include a File Upload Field in your online application or form so as to allow users to browse for the file and attach it to the record. Zoho Creator considers the total file storage for the account on the whole and not for individual users. Maximum size of a file, however, is limited to 5 MB.


Speaking of secure forms, you can restrict the forms from being displayed to everyone. Keep it private or share it with only a group if intended audience. Likewise, views too. You can embed forms on websites without the views going public, so that no one else, but you, gets to see the entered data. On a bigger picture, state-of-the-art security mechanisms stand guard at our servers which host your data. Access to these sensitive information is discrete and highly selective. That leaves you with one thing less to worry about.

Customize the look and Feel

Customization is purely a matter of taste. Naturally, it differs between people. It is only rightful that you decide how your form and application should look like. We offer a series of options for you to modify the form layout, color theme and the arrangement of forms. There are a range of predefined themes to choose from and options to create your very own custom themes.