Recruiting simplified.

Collect resumes and applications with our functional form building software that illustrates a simple front-end solution for your recruitment and HR needs. The Zoho Forms and Zoho Recruit integration provides a combined platform to streamline your candidate applicant tracking systems and simplify the hiring process.

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A dependable data collection system for your recruitment needs.

Easy integration

Map form fields to Recruit modules and convert new records into Candidates and Contacts.

Smart data collection system

Collect applications, collaborator and client details using forms that can be shared easily on multiple platforms.

Dynamic workflows

Trigger dynamic workflows inside Recruit and obtain the best results from all your consolidated data.

Save time and effort. Customize your integration setup.

Automate workflows

Choose to trigger workflows automatically within Recruit. Configure detailed workflows such as sending emails, updating fields, and mapping custom functions based on dynamic rules and conditions inside Recruit.

Hand pick candidates

Filter candidates using multilevel approvals in Recruit. Set up a rule based approval process so no applicant record detail goes unnoticed. Customise the approval hierarchy according to your specific needs.

Draw comparisons

Map attachments such as resumes, photos to be used as applicant headshots, CVs, contact cards, and certificates to be automatically saved within the Recruit database. Use this to compare candidates, and simplify the hiring process.

Facilitate workflows with one smart integration.

Zoho Recruit and Forms Integration - Zoho Forms

Recruit across multiple platforms

With the Zoho Recruit integration with Forms, you can extend your reach across multiple recruitment sourcing channels. Use Zoho Forms to post recruitment and application forms on custom career websites, popular jobs boards, and various social sites.

Communicate and Collaborate with a purpose

We understand that communication is a vital part of your recruitment process. Zoho Forms is optimized to initiate communication between your agency and clients or applicants using auto-generated confirmation emails, and PDFs using document merge.

Making recruitment mobile

Source candidates with ease with a responsive front end system designed for any recruitment process. Zoho Forms is mobile optimized so your applicants can grab opportunities on-the-go, anywhere, anytime, with the convenience of their mobile phones!

Recruiting was never this easy.

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