Overview of migration guide

We have released a new version of our platform – Zoho Creator 5 on March 27, 2018. The latest version, dubbed Creator 5, significantly enhanced and refined the core functionality of the platform, including its Mobile App Creator, Page Creator, Form Creator, Report Creator and Workflow Creator modules. This launch also introduced the ability to design and develop native custom mobile apps alongside web applications.

This guide is intended for users who have signed up before March 27, 2018. For these accounts, we are enabling access to Zoho Creator 5 in a phased manner. Click here to view the steps to switch to Creator 5.

This migration guide covers unique functionalities which have changed in Creator 5 editor. Each functionality has a section on how the user would accomplish this in the existing Creator version and a video explaining how to do that in Creator 5. It includes:

  • Renamed features: Features in the current version that have been renamed in Creator 5
  • Changed features: Features in the current version that have changed and how they can be configured in Creator 5
  • Deprecated features: Features in the current version that are not available in Creator 5 and their replacements

The content in this guide is categorized as per the modules in Zoho Creator:

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