Recorded Webinars

Learn how we've enhanced Creator's functionalities to better cater to your business needs.

Feature webinars

  • Customize your application with No-code features

    Now you can create custom layouts for every device with a bunch of new no-code features added to Zoho Creator. 

  • Build smarter apps with AI

    Zoho Creator makes your apps smarter with its new AI capabilities. 

  • Personalize your mobile experience

    The latest mobile SDK and UI Development Kit lets developers customize user experiences, while still utilizing Creator's backend database and business process logic.

  • Create tailor-made applications with cloud functions and JavaScript

    Learn how to customize your platform using cloud functions and JavaScript. Also, create interactive pages and build complex GUI components with JavaScript widgets. 

Tech Table Talks

Tech Table Talks

  • Legacy modernization and the role of low-code
  • Leveraging low-code for logistics sustainability
  • Reshaping manufacturing with low-code platforms
  • The rise of citizen development in transforming businesses
  • EdTech solutions and the future of education
  • Digital workplace for tomorrow and beyond

Data to Decisions

  • Achieve data quality by structuring
  • Unify data across your applications
  • Visualize your data to get insights
  • Leverage AI to make smarter decisions

Creator Insights

  • Enhance customer experience through workflow automation
  • Extend the functionality of your apps with integrations
  • Build scalable mobile apps to drive growth
  • The power of customer portals for businesses

Creator Deep Dive

  • Get industry-specific insights into the benefits of custom solutions
  • Learn how organizations create ERP-like solutions without in-depth coding knowledge
  • Optimize your business workflows with the help of easy-to-build automations
  • Track KPIs and gain actionable insights using dashboards