On Demand Sessions

  • Session 1

    Digital Workplace

    With constant changes in the way we work, we're forced to adapt to ever-changing market trends. Jason Bloomberg, Shelby Spencer, Tejas Gadhia, and Bharathkumar share how low-code platforms can help your business embrace the digital workplace effectively.

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  • Session 2


    The future of education is at a crossroads. With the emergence of virtual classrooms, the concept of EdTech is the topic of the moment. Learn how EdTech is changing education from Simon Whitebridge, Raju Vegesna, and Pratik Rohra.

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  • Session 3

    Citizen Development

    When organizations embrace the right low-code platform, they empower citizen developers to contribute and build apps the right way. Hear from Sam Mathew, Ali Shabdar and Sejal Dattani about how citizen development helps to achieve the fastest path to innovation.

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  • Session 4


    Learn from our industry experts—Mehmet Ozkan, Rauf Jamal, Amanda Tighe, and Swetha Lakshmi about adopting low-code solutions to improve production operations and increasing overall profit, without compromising on the uniqueness of your manufacturing business model.

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  • Session 5


    Supply chain businesses are digitally transforming their processes across logistics, engineering, and many other functions. Chinar Deshpande, David Rogers, and Prasanna Venkatesh dive into how low-code platforms grant logistics stakeholders power in creating unique software solutions.

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  • Session 6

    Legacy modernization

    This topic is high on the demand list of decision-makers who want to expedite the ability of their businesses to meet the changing demands of their customers. Hear from Dr.Arnal Dayaratna, Robert O'Brien, Tejas Gadhia and Tribin Roy on how this is achieved through low-code.

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  • Session 7

    Digital Transformation

    To meet the dynamic challenges of the digital era, organizations must drive agility and flexibility in their internal workflows as well as their customer-facing operations. Hear from Jerry Rapp, Jason Bloomberg, Tejas Gadhia, and Tribin Roy about how low-code application development platforms help organizations transform, innovate faster, and deliver new capabilities.

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  • Session 8


    Low-code platforms are full of possibilities. But without the right foundation in place, they'll remain just that—possibilities. Businesses need to empower their teams with integrated tools that help create robust and scalable solutions to bring the promise of low-code to life. Hear from our experts—Gibu Mathew, James Yang, and Daryl Tan—about how low-code can revolutionize the way you run your business.

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Featured speakers

  • Jason Bloomberg

    President, Intellyx

  • Shelby Spencer

    CTO, Briotix Health

  • Tejas Gadhia

    Technology Evangelist, Zoho

  • Raju Vegesna

    Zoho Chief Evangelist

  • Simon Whitebridge

    Consultant, RCSI-Bahrain

  • Pratik Rohra

    Solution Expert, Zoho Creator

  • Sam Mathew

    Software Solutions Manager, Al Shirawi Engineering Services Group

  • Ali Shabdar

    Regional Director MEA, Zoho

  • Sejal Dattani

    Customer Experience Lead, Zoho Creator

  • Mehmet Ozkan

    Founder, Ozelia

  • Rauf Jamal

    Solution Expert, Zoho

  • Swetha Lakshmi Kumar

    Customer Experience Lead, Zoho Creator

  • Chinar Deshpande

    CTO, Stellar Value Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • David Rogers

    Managing Director, Insync Supply Chain Management Pty Ltd.

  • Bharathkumar B

    Head Customer Experience, Zoho Creator

  • Amanda Tighe

    Project Manager, Saint Gobain-Gyproc

  • Prasanna Venkatesh

    Customer Experience Lead, Zoho Creator