Our virtual roundtable series —Tech Table Talks— is back for its third round. Remember, these sessions are open to all, and offer an opportunity to connect and discuss with tech and business leaders from across the globe. We hope these talks provide you with some valuable insight!

The topic this time is the application development process of the future—citizen development.

Citizen development is a trend where companies encourage employees with little or no app-building expertise to build applications using low-code and no-code (LCNC) tools. This enables everyone in the organization to build applications to cater to their specific needs.

Most organizations face shortages of software developers, resulting in delays, application backlogs, and losses due to shadow IT. Citizen development can help organizations bypass this hurdle by enabling even non-developers to build applications.

So how can citizen development hold the key to the future of app building?

In the wake of a pandemic, how can organizations minimize costs by promoting citizen development to sustain remote work? Well, join our experts at the roundtable to learn more about how low-code platforms empower citizen development.

Featured speakers


Sam Mathew Software Solutions Manager, Al Shirawi Group


Ali Shabdar Regional Director MEA, Zoho


Sejal Dattani Customer Experience Lead,
Zoho Creator

Key takeaways from this discussion:

  • The importance of citizen development in accelerating innovation and reducing IT backlogs
  • How to initiate a citizen development program in your organization
  • How citizen developers and IT teams can collaborate to speed up app delivery
  • Gain insights through real-world examples of how citizen development has benefited organizations