Zoho Creator is back in the eighth edition of our Tech Table Talks In this virtual roundtable, we'll be discussing how low-code is powering digital transformations throughout APAC.

The innovation that drives many businesses in APAC is often constrained by the technology that's already in place. Rather than working on a new idea, an emerging market, or a transient market niche, companies must wait until the existing IT development team provides the resources and solutions necessary—and generally, that's just too slow.

That's not because the IT development teams are dragging their heels or unwilling to respond to new ideas and growth. Instead, tech teams that want to build and deploy robust, scalable solutions often don't have access to the tools and platforms that will aid them. Traditional solution development methodologies are both resource- and time-consuming. Furthermore, a great deal of existing software in the enterprise limits the possibilities open to business operations. But with low-code platforms, unlimited innovation is possible.

Featured speakers


Gibu Mathew VP & GM, Zoho APAC


James Yang Founder & Managing Director - Zolution, Singapore


Daryl Tan Manager, Manufacturing Operations - PBA Group, Singapore


Preethi Ravishankar Customer Experience Lead,
Zoho Creator

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Understanding APAC's digital landscape and market dynamics
  • How low-code platforms enable transparency, boost efficiency, and propel digital transformations
  • Functionalities and real-world business use cases for low-code
  • Highlight the importance of a custom business process management solution and how it can help "non-IT users" create process-based applications, automate routine tasks, and manage data more efficiently