The Digital Workplace

Let's dive into the first topic of our series

The impact that COVID-19 has brought on business is profound, and its complete effect on the economy still remains to be seen. While organizations are trying to meet their immediate needs, the pandemic has activated a new wave of digital transformation.

Organizations are now being forced to accelerate their efforts to provide their employees with a workplace that's physically distributed, but virtually closer than ever before. New working patterns and behaviors are developing, ones that are likely to remain even after the dust settles–and this presents opportunities for businesses.

This demand for custom, mobile-centric solutions in the workplace has led to the increasing adoption of low-code platforms. Low-code platforms let business users and IT specialists build applications with modern user interfaces, integrations, data, and workflows that are easy to use.

Featured speakers


Jason Bloomberg President, Intellyx


Shelby Spencer CTO, Briotix Health


Tejas Gadia Technology Evangelist, Zoho


Bharathkumar B Head Customer Experience, Zoho Creator

Key takeaways

  • The current socio-economic situation, and how it will accelerate digital transformation across the globe
  • What a digital workplace will look like in the post-COVID-19 era
  • Which functions will adapt more quickly with technology
  • How organizations should be using low-code platforms
  • What are the challenges faced in this journey