Zoho Creator platform - Enabling end-to-end business solutions

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Most low-code platforms focus on either catering to complex use cases or easing platform usability. Striking a balance between the two is a challenging path to take. Our drive to implement features that help different developer personas build apps easily and quickly has impressed Charles Araujo, a respected thought leader in the space of digital transformation and low-code development.

Some of the key highlights from his in-depth analysis includes:

  • Zoho's inherent advantage with ground-up investments in the underlying tech stack
  • Unified builders for applications, integrations, BI, and blueprint development in a single low-code platform, to help build business solutions beyond just apps
  • Pro-developer features to break the low-code glass ceiling, with serverless functionalities, multi-environment support, and control dashboards
  • Emphasis on bringing businesses and IT stakeholders closer, to drive business forward
Read the ebookRead the ebook