The promise of low-code application development platforms (LCAPs)

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The market for low-code application development platforms has exploded, owing to high adoption rates in mid-sized and enterprise organizations. However, only about 25% of the users of these platforms are nontechnical business people. But why is this the case?

How low-code can add value to large organizations

Low-code application development platforms (LCAPs) enable both nontechnical users and expert developers to create comprehensive apps from the ground up. When these nontechnical users create business applications on no-code or low-code platforms, it's called citizen development. Organizations realizing the benefits of this approach are increasingly implementing it to speed up their digital transformation projects—saving on development time and money.

Despite the rising popularity of low-code platforms, IT teams still oversee three-quarters of all solution development. There are several reasons for this imbalance—from prioritizing system-critical solutions to nontechnical users being intimidated by development software. So how can large organizations utilize the full potential of low-code platforms?

Key highlights of this ebook include:

  • Low-code application development platforms (LCAPs) standing in the market
  • Projected revenue insights
  • How enterprises can improve the adoption of these platforms by nontechnical users
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