Low-code for pro coders? The new Zoho Creator Platform and the rise of co-coding

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From its early days as an online database platform, Zoho Creator has evolved to take on many additional capabilities. This latest version now offers a fully functional low-code platform that's designed to appeal to IT pros as well as line-of-business users.

Phil Wainewright has been a recognized authority on cloud computing as a blogger, analyst, speaker, and consultant since 1998. In this article from diginomica, Wainwright talks about co-coding—a collaborative approach between low-coding and pro-coding, aimed at targeting both developers and no-coders.

Key highlights include:

  • Emirates Logistics India and their logistics operation application
  • App-building capabilities of Zoho Creator
  • Co-coding and the relationship between pro-coders and no-coders
  • Insights from Gaurav Kakkar, systems process manager at Emirates Logistics India
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