Build, integrate, and analyze with Zoho Creator

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With increasing digitalization, the demand for business solutions that can positively drive business agility with innovation is greater than ever. But there's a shortage of skilled technology workers to help organizations meet the scale and pace required to address this need—hence the increased adoption of different application development methodologies to improve developer productivity and make development a collaborative process between business and IT teams.

Low-code platforms play a pivotal role in enabling this, and Zoho is leading the way with its new Creator platform.

In this report, Thomas Wieberneit, Co-Founder, CEO, and Principal at aheadCRM, evaluates the current market demands for developer platforms and the Zoho Creator platform's capabilities to meet its needs.

Key highlights of the research include:

  • Types of application development platforms
  • Scope for no-code/low-code platforms
  • Critical capabilities and advantages of the Zoho Creator platform
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the platform
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