Successfully operating a logistics organization entails a lot of effort to remain sustainable and viable in the extremely demanding supply chain ecosystem. Constantly embracing change is the prime necessity at all times. Now, more than ever, stakeholders in the logistics industry need to come up with novel methods to overcome the hurdles and challenges that have arisen over the past few months.

Low-code platforms grant logistics stakeholders unprecedented power in creating unique software solutions to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the supply chain.

Register for our webinar today, and gain insights into how your logistics operations can be augmented by applications built on low-code platforms. These applications can be the right tools to help improve the state of your supply chain.

Featured speakers


Chinar Deshpande CTO, Stellar Value Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


David Rogers Managing Director, Insync Supply Chain Management Pty Ltd.


Prasanna Venkatesh Customer Experience Lead, Zoho Creator

Watch this webinar to learn how logistics firms can leverage low-code platforms to:

  • Build custom applications to address the unique demands of your logistics business
  • Improve the overall efficiency of the supply chain
  • Grant visibility into each stage of the supply chain
  • Automate processes in your logistics operations, reducing paperwork
  • Improve profit margins and increase revenue