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  • Standard

    $ 5 Per User / Month $50 Per User / Year Try for free
    • 10 Apps
    • 1000 Records / User
      You will need as many records as many form submissions you are going to make. The records purchased for multiple users can be consumed by any user in any proportion.
    • 512 MB / User
      The total size of uploaded files and images allowed in your account. The total storage purchased for multiple users can be used by any user in any proportion.
    • Drag & Drop Development
    • Reports & HTML Pages
    • Themes & Layouts
    • Unlimited Workflows
    • Schedules
      Execute time-based workflows such as reminders. To know more about Schedules, check the help document. More schedules can be bought using the Schedule Addon.
    • Webhooks
      They are used to get data from and post data to external websites. More webhooks can be bought using the Webhook add-on.

    Most Popular
    $ 10 Per User / Month $100 4990 Per User / Year Try for free
    • 50 Apps
    • 5000 Records / User
    • 1 GB / User
    • Unlimited Apps
    • 100,000 Records
    • 10 GB
    • Everything in Standard &
    • Rebranding
    • Scheduled Backup
    • Payment Gateway
    • Customer Portal (as add-on)
      A portal where your customers can create an account with you and access data shared with the account.
    • Live Chat Support
      We provide live, real-time technical support for Zoho Creator. Our support engineers, will be available online 24x5 to assist you through a web chat session.

    $ 15 Per User / Month $150 9990 Per User / Year Try for free
    • Unlimited Apps
    • 10,000 Records / User
    • 2 GB / User
    • Unlimited Apps
    • 1 Million Records
    • 20 GB
    • Everything in Professional &
    • Enhanced Access Controls
    • Role-based Security
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Real-time Customer Interaction
      Allows your customers to interact with you in real-time, when they are on the customer portal.
    • Record Audit
      A security-relevant feature in Zoho Creator, captures the history of changes made to a record for viewing/auditing purposes.


  • $ 499 Per month for 100,000 Records
  • $ 999 Per month for Million Records

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