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Monthly Yearly

3 AppsApps can be used to manage aspects of a business such as inventory management, course management, etc. A Zoho Creator app is a container for forms, reports, pages and their connecting workflows, accessible from web/mobile.

25,000 RecordsIn Zoho Creator, each submission of a form is stored as a row of data. Each row represents one record. Records can also be imported from excel/db files.

  • Choose from over 50 ready-to-use appsInstall and customize industry specific apps from the app gallery. Learn more.
  • Customize design for web, mobile and tablet interfacesYour apps can be independently customized to suit web, mobile or tablet interfaces. The builder comes with in-built options like gesture control, layout composition, image/video capture, geo-tagging, and geo-location.
  • Forms, reports, pages, and workflows Drag and drop development, themes and layouts, rules and tasks, Deluge script building. Learn more.
  • Third-party integrationsImport data from databases or use webhooks and APIs to connect with other services. Learn more.
  • Collaboration and sharingPublish or share your app. Use Zoho Chat, emails and SMS notifications. Learn more.
  • 24*5 live supportLive chat, email, and call support.

50 AppsApps can be used to manage aspects of a business such as inventory management, course management, etc. A Zoho Creator app is a container for forms, reports, pages and their connecting workflows, accessible from web/mobile.

Unlimited Records*Accounts with less than 10 users can store 25,000 records/user. Accounts with more than 10 users can store unlimited data.

Everything in Basic +

  • Customer Portal (add-on)Provide application access to your customers via a self-service portal. Refer pricing below.
  • Developer SandboxAn isolated environment to test your application before going live. Learn more.
  • Record AuditCaptures the history of changes made to a record for auditing purposes. Learn more.
  • Application backupCreate manual or automatic backups of your data by setting schedules. Learn more.
  • Multi-language supportLocalize your apps with automatic or custom translations. Learn more.
  • Offline mobile accessAccess your app on mobile, even when you're not connected to the internet. Learn more.
  • Payment gateway integrationUse Paypal to accept payments through forms. Learn more.
  • Domain RestrictionRestrict app access to users whose email addresses belong to a verified domain. Learn more.
  • Email ManagementUse custom ‘from’ addresses and whitelist your domain to prevent automated email notifications from being sent to the spam folder. Learn more.

Unlimited AppsApps can be used to manage aspects of a business such as inventory management, course management, etc. A Zoho Creator app is a container for forms, reports, pages, and their connecting workflows, accessible from web/mobile.

Unlimited RecordsYour can store unlimited data in Zoho Creator.

Starts at 10 users

Everything in Premium +

  • 1,000 Customer Portal usersAvailable free with the plan. More can be purchased as an add-on. Refer pricing below.
  • Download and publish rebranded apps on iOS or AndroidDistribute rebranded mobile apps within your organization or publish them on the Play Store/App Store.
  • Premium support**3-hour response time and a speedy resolution under SLA guarantee. Valid upon a minimum purchase of 50 users.
  • Active Directory integration & user provisioning Seamlessly onboard your users/customers into Zoho Creator with AD sync.
  • Enhanced operating limitsRefer detailed comparison for limits on emails per day, file storage, webhooks, etc.

Flexible plans with bespoke feature set for enterprises

Starts at 200 users

  • Enterprise onboardingProduct training and technical consultation in collaboration with Zoho Creator partners for a period of 30 days.
  • Flexible integration limits
  • Requirement-based file storage
  • Increased no. of schedules

*25,000 records per user if there are fewer than 10 users.

**Valid upon a minimum purchase of 50 users.

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Zoho Creator Plus

Integrate, extend, and develop apps for your organization with Zoho Flow, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Creator.

Starts at per user/month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my data safe?

    At Zoho, we are fervent about data security. We have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies, and policies to ensure your data is secure. Read more about our security policies.

  • How does the 15-day free trial work?

    After you sign up for the trial, you can access all the premium features of Zoho Creator free for 15 days. After the 15-day fully-featured trial you will be moved to our Free Plan. You will still be able to use your apps and your data will not be lost.

  • when will you start charging me?

    At the end of the Free Trial period, you can upgrade your account to a paid plan to continue using all the features. Once you upgrade, you will be charged based on your plan and we will send you an invoice.

  • How long can I use the free plan?

    You can stay in the Free Plan as long as you wish with limited access to premium features. If you would like to access the premium features, you can upgrade your account anytime.

  • What is I need to increase the limits of my plan?

    You can upgrade to a plan that has higher limits. Or you can buy more users for your existing plan, which will increase the limits.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We also accept payment via bank transfer or check transfer for yearly subscriptions. For more details, please contact

    Any Questions?

    Our sales team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the plans and pricing.

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