Understand users

Understand Users

Zoho Creator is a unified platform which helps create different solutions like Applications, BI & Analytics and Integration flows. A user is an individual who has access to Zoho Creator based on permissions granted by the administrator. 

The Super admin, and Administrator are the two types of users who have enhanced privileges with full control over the Zoho Creator account. 

Super Admin - The Super Admin is the master administrator of the Zoho Creator. By default, the individual who created the account in Zoho Creator will be considered Super admin. Zoho Creator can have only one Super admin. Besides this, communication regarding billing will be sent only to the Super Admin. E.g., CEO of a company

Administrator - The administrator has been granted access to the entire solutions of the organization by the Super Admin or Owner of the app. The administrator can add users, define specific permissions, assign roles, and determine how data must be shared with them. The administrator can choose to give the users access to the BI & Analytics and to the Integrations Flows. Only the Super Admin can add a new administrator or make an existing user an administrator. If required, the Super Admin can add multiple administrators. E.g., CFO, Presidents of a company.


Based on the type of access they have to the Applications the users in Zoho Creator can be two types: Users, and Developers.

Users - The users are the individuals who can access the application according to their defined permissions and roles in the organization. The Super Admin or Admins can add users by sending an invite to their email addresses. The permissions for the users are a set of rules that determine which operations a user can perform in the Creator applications.  The users can neither create a new application nor edit an existing application nor be able to add other users to the application. E.g., Sales managers, Quality managers of a company. 

Developers - A developer is a type of user to whom permission to edit the application has to be provided. Apart from editing applications the Developer also has access to test and publish the application in the Environments. The Super Admin or the Admin can add a developer. Eg: A notified individual, IT team of the company.

BI & Analytics

Based on the type of access they have to the BI & Analytics the users are of two types: User and Admin.

Administrator - The Administrator in BI & Analytics is the person who is the admin of a specific workspace(s) in an Organization. An Administrator can perform all the operations in a workspace, except deleting or renaming the Workspace, and backing up the Workspace.

Users - An user in BI & Analytics is a person who can access the Organization, shared with them by one of the Administrators or Users. The users can be given access to any view (data tables, reports or dashboards) present in the Workspace. Based on the roles assigned to them in the Organization, the user will be given permissions that allows them to perform only specific tasks in the Workspace.

Integration Flows

The Super Admin or Administrator can grant users access to the Integration Flows by which they can automate the cloud apps.

  • The number of users who can be added varies based on the pricing plan of the Super Admin(i.e., Free, Professional, and Ultimate).
  • While adding the users, Zoho Creator gives the option to add them to BI & Analytics and provide access to Integration Flows too.

Use Case:

Let's assume an organization named 'Zylker' uses Zoho Creator to create apps like Sales Management to manage its sales. Now in this organization, the account of the CEO was used to develop the Zoho Creator application. By default, the CEO becomes the Super Admin. The top management team helps the CEO in running the organization. So the CEO can make the senior officials like CFO, Vice Presidents as Administrators in Zoho Creator. The other employees of the organization like the Sales Managers, Sales Agents, Accountants can be added as Users in Creator. The IT team of Zylker can now be added Developers, which will help them to manage Sales Management application.

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