Product Roadmap


Zoho Creator embraced and pioneered the concept of low-code development way before it became cool. All these years later, we continue to invest resources in furthering the vision of empowering every individual and every organization to quickly build resourceful enterprise-grade applications with minimal programming knowledge.

The Zoho Creator Release Projection 1 outlines new features that are anticipated to roll out from January through June, while Release Projection 2 outlines features that are anticipated to roll out from July to December.


Release Projection 1

FeatureApplicable ToProjected ReleaseGeneral Availability
Client tasks in Kanban reportC5, C6Q1Jan 23, 2024
Device-type Deluge functionC5, C6Q1Apr 22, 2024
Multi-column update in DelugeC5, C6Q1TBA
QR code & barcode generatorC5, C6Q2TBA
Enhanced custom apps for MarketplaceC6Q2TBA
AI assistance for DelugeC5, C6Q2TBA
Hybrid deployment C6Q2TBA
Async functionC5, C6Q2TBA
Private extension sharingC6Q2TBA

Client tasks in Kanban report

To enhance our Kanban, Calendar and Timeline reports, we're introducing the ability to trigger client actions after successful submissions, similar to list reports. These actions will be triggered upon successful submission using the unique drag-and-drop functionality exclusive to these reports. As a result, you'll now have the ability to configure actions—such as displaying information, triggering alert messages, or redirecting to URLs—using Deluge within the on create/on edit workflows only for events like successful submission.

Use case: Consider an application dedicated to handling support tickets within an organization. In the Kanban report, imagine that dragging and dropping a ticket changes its status from Open to Resolved. With this new functionality, you can trigger notification automatically or show a success message upon successfully completing the drag-and-drop action.

Business value: This enhancement increases the usability, flexibility, and efficiency of Kanban reports, thereby improving overall workflow management and user experience.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on January 23, 2024.

Reference: Understand Kanban Report, Understand Calendar Report and Understand Timeline Report

Device type Deluge function

We'll be introducing a new device type Deluge function capable of detecting device types—be it mobile, tablet, or website. By harnessing this function, you unlock a new level of customization, offering users a more personalized experience within Creator.

This nifty feature will open up numerous opportunities and be particularly beneficial for ZML page design and report criteria adjustments. For instance, you'll have the ability to hide specific fields on mobile or tablet devices to avoid UI breakage caused by lengthy fields.

Use case: Consider a customer support application built on Creator. Leveraging the device type function, the system can identify the user's access device—be it a web browser, mobile phone, or tablet. For example, for users accessing the app via a web browser, notifications can be directed through email, while those using mobile or tablet devices can receive notifications via SMS.

Business value: This Deluge function offers you the flexibility to effortlessly customize Creator for different device types, tailoring its functionality uniquely to cater to each specific device.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is has been released on April 22, 2024.

Reference: System Variables

Multi-column update in Deluge

We'll be launching a new Deluge function that simplifies multi-column data updates. Presently, our system's reliance on multiple calls has posed performance challenges. However, with this upcoming enhancement, you'll have access to a special syntax that allows for the simultaneous update of all fields within a form.

On usage of this Deluge function, our systems will work their magic, resulting in accelerated app performance and reduced system load.

Business value: This Deluge syntax will enable simultaneous updates across all form fields, streamlining the process and addressing performance concerns, and most importantly, only one statement is tallied against your plan limit during execution.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q1 2024.

QR code & barcode generator

In the pursuit of enhancing data entry efficiency, we'll be introducing an all-new built-in generator for QR codes and barcodes. Until now, our product supported scanning of these codes in specific fields, like single lines, but didn't offer generation capabilities. As a workaround, users had to rely on external APIs for generating these codes.

With our own QR code and barcode generator, you can say goodbye to those third-party tools—now you can effortlessly generate the required codes directly within Zoho Creator.

Use case: Consider an event management app. When a user registers for the event, this feature can be used to generate a unique QR or barcode tied to their participant ID. Upon arrival at the event, attendees can easily check in by scanning their code.

Business value: Our QR code and barcode generator eliminates the need for third-party services, ensuring a more seamless and convenient experience while generating these codes.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

Enhanced custom apps for Marketplace

Our Developer Zone, which allows developers to build apps and distribute them to clients, is set for major upgrades, featuring a substantial array of enhancements that will elevate it to new heights!

  • Approval, payment, and blueprint workflows, and pivot charts and pivot tables will be supported
  • A Connections section to provide seamless integration with third-party services
  • Development and Stage environments to enable development and testing of your apps before publishing
  • A dedicated section to foster seamless collaboration
  • Further updates to bring improvements to Marketplace and private share distribution flow and enhanced client management

Business value: The long-awaited launch of various C6 capabilities, the most robust version of Creator yet, within the Developer Zone will immensely streamline development and distribution processes.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

AI assistance in Deluge

At Creator, our commitment has always been to make your coding experience smoother and more efficient. Staying true to this philosophy, we're preparing to launch a groundbreaking feature that integrates the exceptional AI capabilities of OpenAI directly into our Deluge builder.

All you'll need to do is simply type your requirement into the Deluge editor and the corresponding code to achieve it will instantly appear, with the AI assisting you in crafting your code. It's as easy as it gets!

Business value: Maximize productivity and minimize hassle by harnessing the combined power of AI and low-code simultaneously.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

Hybrid Deployment

We'll be unveiling a game-changing feature that supports hybrid cloud development, enabling you to add and manage applications deployed across multiple cloud service providers.

Essentially, this means that Creator apps can be installed on any public cloud service provider (like AWS or Azure) and across multiple operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux).

Business value: This feature facilitates hybrid and multi-cloud deployment configurations, offering enterprise-grade deployment capabilities right within our low-code platform.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

Async function

The async function is designed to bolster your application's performance and responsiveness by effectively managing lengthy operations of large Deluge functions. With this feature, you can execute additional tasks without waiting for these long-running processes to complete.

Use case: Consider a scenario within a payroll system, where employee salaries need crediting and payslips are generated simultaneously during the initial week of the month. At times, the entire process might extend over several hours, hindering the execution of subsequent functions until its completion. Deluge has an execution timeout and limitations on the number of statements that can be executed, so the async function will become invaluable in cases like these.

Business value: The async function facilitates a sequential execution of the Deluge function, resulting in significantly enhanced performance.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

Private extension sharing

We launched extensions last year, facilitating the delivery of a customized range of functionalities which are not available by default in Zoho Creator. But, until now, sharing your extensions was limited to Zoho Marketplace. Now we're taking it a step further and allowing the private sharing of extensions. You'll soon be able to share your extensions privately by merely entering the client's email address.

Additionally, the extensions will also be getting the following updates:

  • The ability to test extensions before publishing them. Upon initiating the testing phase, a test app builder window will be displayed, and from there, you can access your widget, which will be present under the Pages section.
  • Multi-DC support which will enable the publication of extensions across all DCs.
  • A configuration section for widgets within the Page builder through which you can provide dynamic values to the widgets.

Business value: Extensions are a testament to Zoho Creator's versatility, and these forthcoming updates, such as private sharing and multi-DC support, will further amplify its capabilities.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released in Q2 2024.

Release Projection 2

FeatureApplicable ToProjected ReleaseGeneral Availability
PDF support for the OCR AI modelC6Q3Aug 21, 2023
Page scriptsC5, C6Q3Aug 18, 2023
Page variablesC5, C6Q3Aug 18, 2023
API v2.1C5, C6Q3Sep 1, 2023
Custom sorting and grouping of recordsC6Q3Oct 3, 2023
Export usersC5, C6Q3July 27, 2023
Formatting options for numeric fieldsC5, C6Q3Aug 14, 2023
Zia assistant powered by OpenAIC6Q4Apr 18, 2024
Custom APIsC6Q4Jan 5, 2024
MFA for portal usersC5, C6Q4TBA
System IntegrationC5, C6Q4Feb 6, 2024
Batch processing for recordsC5, C6Q4Apr 15, 2024
Set values when adding new parent recordC5, C6Q4Dec 20, 2023
Collect data during blueprint transitionsC5, C6Q4TBA
Focus task in DelugeC5, C6Q4Feb 29, 2024
Tab index navigationC5, C6Q4Sep 15, 2023

PDF support for OCR AI models

Taking another step towards intelligent document processing, the capabilities of OCR models (both ready-to-use and custom) will be expanded to include support for PDF files, opening up a world of possibilities for your document management tasks.

Going forward, our OCR can swiftly scan PDF files(like Invoices, Quotations, Estimations, etc), extract text, and store it in the relevant fields, as configured by you. As a result of supporting PDF files, the file upload field will become the input field for the OCR model. This enhanced OCR model will significantly reduce the time spent on document processing, enabling you to focus on higher-value tasks.

Business value: These updates will result in streamlined document processing, time-saving efficiency, and razor-sharp accuracy while using OCR models.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature has been released on August 21, 2023.

Reference: Understand OCR model

Page scripts

Aiming to give you unprecedented control and flexibility when creating dynamic pages, we'll be introducing the page scripts, which comes with an easy-to-use Deluge editor. You'll be able to write your own functions with custom logic by using Deluge to customize the data displayed on load of your Creator pages, which will help in achieving and extending your business cases.

This nifty feature will come in handy in scenarios like displaying customized messages, automatically populating data based on specific needs, and on-the-fly data correction.

Business value: Our new page scripts helps you configure custom business logic that aren't otherwise part of Zoho Creator’s native features.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on August 18, 2023.

Reference: Page variables and script

Page variables

Alongside the introduction of the page scripts, we'll also be implementing page variables, which are a notch above the existing page parameters. All you need to do is create a variable by declaring the data type and you can start using it across panels, charts, gauges, forms, criteria, search, snippets, and other elements of the page.

Due to the input-type validations being taken care of with page variables, you'll be able to increase the accuracy of your data collection vis-a-vis page parameters. Page variables can also be modified and manipulated using functions, making them vastly superior to page parameters.

Business value: Page variables complement the page scripts, and both of them together will help you create tailor-made customized content on your pages.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on August 18, 2023.

Reference: Page variables and script

API v2.1

While API v2 is still widely used and much loved, we decided to work on v2.1, which contains many of your most requested features and updates, ensuring a smoother and more reliable integration experience. This new version contains:

  • A bunch of new APIs, bringing capabilities that were hitherto not available
  • Some existing APIs that will be receiving updates to enhance their capabilities

Business value: The versatile new enhancements coming with API v2.1 are designed to provide more flexibility and support your diverse requirements.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on September 1, 2023.

Reference: Zoho Creator API v2.1

Custom sorting and grouping of records

We'll be reintroducing the custom sorting and custom grouping of records in C6 which will give you enhanced control and flexibility over how your data is organized and displayed in live mode. Based on your sorting/grouping requirements, you can simply drag and drop the records as needed and you'll be presented with a specific view of your records.

Business value: Custom sorting empowers you to take control of how your records are displayed and narrow down and access important information, resulting in a streamlined data management process.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature has been released on October 3, 2023.

Reference: Perform Custom Sorting and Grouping in Common Reports

Export users

With the aim to simplify the user management functions of administrators, we've revamped the export users and export portal users functionalities. The new update allows you to easily export user details, along with their associated permissions, in a structured format. With just a few clicks, you can obtain a clear and concise overview of user email addresses, and their roles and permissions. Additionally, we'll also be allowing you the ability to narrow down users based on the applications they have access to.

The feature even comes with flexibility in export formats (CSV, XLS, XLSX, and TSV), allowing you to choose the format that's most suitable for your requirements.

Business value: Quickly get a holistic view of user and portal user permissions in your Zoho Creator account, which can be useful for auditing and compliance purposes.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on July 27, 2023.

Formatting options for numeric fields

The new decimal formatting options for the decimal and number fields will display the data in line with local conventions. This flexibility to customize decimal formatting will improve the readability of numeric data within your application and fulfill the requirements of diverse user bases. These options will be specifically beneficial for number fields involving currency values, to accurately represent monetary values based on the preferences of different regions.

Business value: Take full advantage of these new formatting options to align with your regional preferences and industry-specific requirements. Your users will appreciate the attention to detail and the improved readability of numeric data in your application.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on August 14, 2023.

Reference: Set display format for Number field and Set display format for Decimal field

Zia assistant powered by OpenAI

Zoho's intelligent assistant, Zia, will soon become even smarter, with its new OpenAI integration. Leverage the power of AI to streamline application and form creation with intuitive, language-based instructions.

  • Create applications using AI - Zia will help you quickly build apps. Just tell the AI what you want in your app. It will help you create the right components and put them together to create a complete application.
  • Create forms - Zia will be able to assist you in effortlessly building professional looking forms.
  • Next field suggestions - Zia will intelligently propose the most probable next fields, streamlining the form building experience and making it more intuitive and efficient.

Business value: Using Zia, powered by OpenAI's capabilities, will result in enhanced productivity and a seamless user experience, thereby accelerating your application development process.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature has been released on April 22, 2024.

Reference: Understand Zia features in Creator

Custom APIs

Zoho Creator provides a comprehensive set of APIs, but your business needs may require features that aren't currently supported. A custom API can help here. Custom APIs allow you to extend Creator's standard functionality by writing your own logic and easily calling it elsewhere.

Essentially, we're coming up with a build-your-own API offering! Simply write your code as a custom function and use the intuitive API builder to easily create custom APIs based on it.

The possibilities this feature offers are vast, and Creator is versatile enough to bring those possibilities to life.

Business value: Custom APIs empower you to create your own APIs for tailored solutions, thereby unlocking the full potential of Zoho Creator.

Applicable to: C6

Availability: This feature has been released on January 5, 2024.

Reference: Understand Custom APIs

MFA for Portal users

Soon, your portal users can configure Multi-factor Authentication and add an extra layer of security to protect their account. Subsequently, we'll also be launching the 'My Profile' section, for your portal users, from where they can control their account settings. These updates are designed to ensure your portal users' get an enhanced experience by configuring settings that suit their preferences.

The My Profile section allows portal users to:

  • Configure and manage multi-factor authentication with any authenticator apps(like Zoho OneAuth)
  • Change their portal account passwords
  • View and manage their portal sessions across devices

Business value: Take your portal to the next level by allowing portal users to enhance security and manage important settings and ensure they get a personalized experience.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q4 2023.

System Integration

Unbeknownst to the outside world, few of Zoho Creator's most loved capabilities are powered by other Zoho services (for example: pivot charts come from Zoho Analytics). These behind-the-scenes linkages ensure you're always getting the best features from us.

Now, we'll be lifting the veil on these integrations with the launch of System Integration, which will provide Super Admins with a one-stop shop for viewing and managing integrations and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration experience between various Zoho services.

Use case: Our payment workflow connections are, in fact, powered by Zoho Checkout. Now, if a developer is facing issues due to expired tokens, the Super Admin can simply reauthorize the connections from System Integration in the Operations section.

Business value: This new addition informs you about various services from other Zoho apps that integrate with Creator, and helps you quickly manage these connections by re-authenticating them, in case tokens expire.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on February 6, 2024.

Reference: Understand System Integrations

Batch processing for records

The all-new batch process action will help you manage and regularly perform large, repetitive data processing tasks by efficiently processing of such tasks that are resource-intensive to run. To make the best use of computing resources, it will process such tasks in batches during off-peak hours—for example, at the end of the day or at night, when computing resources are more frequently available.

The new batch process actions under the Workflows section can be configured to run based on a specific date-time or after successful import.

Use case: Imagine an e-commerce system that accepts orders all day long. Rather than processing each order immediately, our system can collect all orders at the end of each day and share them as a batch with our order processing team.

Business value: Streamline your workflows, save valuable time, ensure consistency, and bring unmatched efficiency to your operations.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on April 15, 2024.

Reference: Understand Batch Workflows

Set values for fields when adding new parent record

With this new capability, you can pass parameters from a parent form to a pop-up form with ease. Going forward, you can easily set values in the pop-up which is displayed when you click on the Add new button in lookup fields. With this update, we aim to resolve the scenario where passing values from a main form to a pop-up form would result in repeated pain points.

Use Case: Consider a form that contains fields named "Department manager" and a "Department name". Now in the Department name field, when you click Add New option, the name of the department manager can be passed to the popup from the parent using this functionality.

Business value: Seamless parameter passing from a parent form to a pop-up form will ensure more dynamic data handling within your applications.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on December 20, 2023.

Reference: Allow New Entries and Set Value While Adding New Entries

Collect data during blueprint transitions

Adding to the customization options available in blueprints, we'll be supporting the collection of data from the transition owner when performing transitions. Any form fields can be chosen to be displayed during a transition. Only after the form has been successfully submitted will the transitions be complete and the move to the next stage occur.

Business value: You'll be able to mandate data that needs to be collected from a transition owner while performing a transition.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q4 2023.

Focus task in Deluge

Focusing on a field can be useful to ensure quick data entry. That's why we'll be launching a Deluge task that will allow you to focus on a particular field when a specific action is performed (for example: on user input of a field).

This innovative addition reduces manual work, improves efficiency, and ensures more accurate data collection by allowing users to enter data in appropriate fields.

Business value: Focus Deluge task provide visual guidance and feedback during the data entry process and nudge users by highlighting specific fields.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on February 29, 2024.

Reference: Focus

Tab index navigation

To improve and streamline the form filling experience, we're updating the Tab key behavior that ensures efficient and intuitive navigation when working with form fields. Also we'll be coming up with a new set of special keys allowing you four-way navigation capabilities.This enhances the usability of your forms and results in improved user experience.

Business value: These new updates will elevate the interactions with your forms and contribute to saving your users' time and effort.

Applicable to: C5, C6

Availability: This feature has been released on September 15, 2023.

Reference: Understand field navigation

Release Projection 1

FeatureApplicable ToProjected ReleaseGeneral Availability
OAS for APIC5, C6Q1Feb 6, 2023
Global deluge variablesC5, C6Q1Oct 30, 2023
Activity based user filterC5, C6Q1TBA
AI model assistant to create app from fileC5, C6Q1Feb 6, 2023
Dynamic embed components in PageC5, C6Q1Feb 6, 2023
Import data to reports via permalinkC5, C6Q1Feb 6, 2023
Canvas builderC5, C6Q2Aug 1, 2023
Advanced email analyticsC6Q2Aug 16, 2023
User engagement dashboardC6Q2Aug 29, 2023
Application engagement dashboardC6Q2Aug 29, 2023
Import huge CSV filesC5, C6Q2June 23, 2023
Portal session timeoutC5, C6Q2May 30, 2023
Phone number login for PortalC5, C6Q2TBA
Portal page customizationC5, C6Q2Jul 27, 2023
Application MenuC5, C6Q2TBA
Revamped deluge editorC5, C6Q2TBA

OpenAPI Specification for Creator V2 API

Zoho Creator's v2 API will now be described using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) v3.0, which is the most widely used standard for API description, and refers to a standard interface for describing REST APIs. Our OAS files, written in JSON format, are language agnostic and are both machine readable and human interpretable.

You can choose to download the entire set of OAS files or grab them individually for each API. That's it. Then use these OAS file(s) in Swagger to get more information about the APIs and download them as libraries for more than 40 languages. This includes stuff like the HTTP verbs to use (GET, POST, PUT, etc.), the endpoints, allowable parameters and types, authentication mechanisms, error codes, and much more.

Business value: With the Creator APIs being described in the industry standard OAS 3.0, businesses can expect their developers to shorten the learning curve, resulting in reduced development costs and time.

Availability: This feature has been released on February 6, 2023.

Reference: OpenAPI Specification

Global variables in Deluge

You'll now be able to declare variables that have a global scope—for example, everywhere throughout Zoho Creator. Define the global variable once, store the data, and then reuse them widely across all other forms or applications, just like you currently do for functions.

Business value: With reusable variables, you can centralize their definition—as only a one-time declaration is required—and access them in multiple places.

Availability: This feature has been released on October 30, 2023.

Reference: Variables

Activity-based user filter

More privileges are being extended to administrators, which will enable them to filter users based on their last activity within the workspace. Now you'll be able to scan filtered lists to identify inactive users. Additionally, you can perform bulk actions on them to improve user management.

Business value: Get actionable information based on user activity in your workspace and make remedial measures.

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q1 2023.

AI model assistant to create apps from files

Our new AI-driven smart import will help you turn files containing raw and unstructured data into a proper business application, with scalable data models and a logical structure. Our powerful AI will instantaneously perform deep analysis on the data and come up with suggestions to split them into smaller tables, along with suitable relationships that can be established by showing you a list of reference forms and lookup fields.

Business value: Jump-start and synchronize your disorganized data by importing it, and then shape them up for consumption.

Availability: This feature has been released on February 6, 2023.

Reference: Restructure Table

Dynamically embed components in Page

Create content-rich pages by dynamically embedding any Creator component (forms, reports, and more) through embed and div embed (HTML snippets). The ability to integrate different components will open countless ways to customize your pages.

Business value: Customize and modernize your pages by embedding and displaying components to provide your users with the information they wish to see.

Availability: This feature has been released on February 6, 2023.

Reference: Understanding the zc_LoadIn parameter

Import data to reports via permalink

With the import permalink, you can save your users the hassle of having to navigate to each report in order to import data into it. This import permalink can be added into other components (like forms, pages, etc.), thereby allowing you to embed the import data flow anywhere in the user journey.

Business value: The import permalink can provide much-needed flexibility to the process of importing data to reports. A case in point would be configuring a button at the top of the page that can be dedicated to import weekly invoices.

Availability: This feature has been released on February 6, 2023.

Reference: Functionality based URL to import data to reports

Canvas builder

A new Canvas builder is being added, to build aesthetic, enticing, and visually pleasing detail views of reports. With a feature-laden yet effortlessly easy-to-use drag and drop builder, you'll be able to create personalized views for your reports along with minute attention to detail. Use the Canvas builder to provide a transformed experience for your various stakeholders, like employees and customers.

Business value: Use our no-code drag-and-drop canvas builder to create gorgeous reports for your business that are both attractive and easy-to-read. Fine-tune the formatting to provide efficient and personalized experience for your users.

Availability: This feature has been released on August 1, 2023.

Reference: Understand canvas layout designer

Advanced email analytics

Gather insights into responses to all the emails triggered from your Creator applications with the help of advanced email analytics. Use the metrics provided to make informed decisions on customizations needed to engage your audience and drive better results for your business.

This conjunction with ZeptoMail will enable you to improve your email performance with the help of detailed email logs, recipient activity tracking, and real-time notifications.

Business value: Get across-the-board information on valuable email metrics for your business.

Availability: This feature has been released on August 16, 2023.

Reference: Manage Email Analytics

User engagement dashboard

Get a holistic view of the user activity in your Creator account. Gather insights, identify trends, and discover anomalies with the help of a comprehensive set of KPIs, metrics, and other key data points.

We've managed to simplify complex data sets on user usage statistics with the help of data visualizations, in order to come up with our engagement dashboard, which will act as a one-stop destination for admins to know who did what, when, and where.

Business value: Unparalleled access to in-depth insights on user engagement in your Creator account.

Availability: This feature has been released on August 29, 2023.

Reference: Understand Metrics

Application engagement dashboard

This is an extensive dashboard to track activity and analyze usage of your Creator applications. Accumulate statistics on how your apps are performing over different time periods, and use them to optimize the app and improve productivity.

Business value: Measure application performance using various metrics, and use this data to identify trends and ensure efficient app usage.

Availability: This feature has been released on August 29, 2023.

Reference: Understand Metrics

Import huge CSV files

Data is being generated at an astronomical rate in today's digitized world, and it's paramount to have the capability to handle large amounts of data correctly. The ability to import huge CSV(up to 2GB) will act as a substantial enhancement while creating an application, creating a form, or importing data to reports. By using the most popular file format for data storage in business operations, you'll be able to easily migrate data sets into Creator from your local database or any other service.

Business value: Transpose large and complex databases into Creator and process them to extract relevant and valuable information for your business.

Availability: This feature has been released on June 23, 2023.

Reference: Create form by importing data and Import data to reports

Portal session timeout

Safeguard your portal users' accounts from potential misuse and security threats by determining when a session should be terminated after detecting user inactivity. Idle session timeout is the amount of time a portal user can remain idle before the session is ended. Take responsibility for your portals' security by preventing unauthorized access and reducing exposure to data breaches.

Business value: Augment the security of your portal users and your organization by configuring dynamic session timeouts.

Availability: This feature has been released on May 30, 2023.

Reference: Manage Portal Settings

Phone number login for Portal

Improve the accessibility and reach of your portals by allowing portal users to sign up using their mobile numbers. Across the world, we've seen a rapid transformation into mobile-first consumer economies. Keeping momentum with such tectonic shifts, allowing signup via a mobile number is a great value addition to democratize access and energize your portals.

Note: This feature will be available only for users on the US and IN data centers.

Business value: Guarantee the equitability of your portal by ensuring access for more users, irrespective of whether they're a blue collar worker or from developing countries where mobile phones rule the roost.

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q2 2023.

Portal page customization

You'll soon be able to customize your signup, login, and reset password pages to make them more engaging and appealing to your portal users. Level up your Portal pages using these new upcoming customization options, and refashion them with visual elements in such a way that they're more in harmony with the overall branding of your business.

Business value: Customize your Portal pages to ensure their look and feel align with that of your organization.

Availability: This feature has been released on July 27, 2023.

Reference: Customize Portal Pages

Application menu

Reimagining the existing approach to the grouping of Creator components into sections, we'll be unveiling a brand-new builder to design the menu structure of your applications. Among other things, you'll have the ability to create an entirely new hierarchy of menus, which will make navigating the different components of your app a walk in the park.

Business value: Create versatile yet personalized menus with compartmentalized information for your users.

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q2 2023.

Revamped Deluge editor

After pondering the issue for awhile, we've decided to make the code editor more refined and flexible for building and debugging scripts using your favorite programming language, Deluge.

  • The new Deluge editor is smart enough to detect coding errors as you script. By displaying real-time intuitive error messages, even before saving the script, you'll get an at-a-glance breakdown of what went wrong.
  • Set up your own custom shortcuts to help perform actions quickly.
  • Full-screen mode for the Deluge editor will eliminate all on-screen distractions, allow remarkable scrolling fluidity, and occupy as much real estate on your display as possible.
  • We're also adding more enhancements to make the scripting experience easier.

Business value: Turn your ideas into code quickly with the new Deluge editor.

Availability: This feature is projected to be released by Q2 2023.