Forget servers. Focus on apps.

Zoho Creator is a ready-made platform where developers can build, test, and deploy apps without worrying about maintaining servers.

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Zero infrastructure

Zoho Creator lets you focus on building on-demand business apps without having to deal with the complicated backend. You don't have to buy and maintain servers, troubleshoot hardware, run software patches, or perform upgrades. Your apps still run on servers, but we take care of them. 

Constant availability

Our servers are housed at geographically isolated data centers with best-in-class backup for quick disaster recovery. Architected with optimal fault-tolerant techniques, we deliver uninterrupted service so our users never lose access to their apps. Our data centers are built with high redundancy to reduce potential downtime and maximize performance of your apps.  

Uncompromising security

Data integrity is incredibly important to us—that's why all our data is encrypted using the TLS 1.2 protocol and powerful ciphers. The entire network is shielded by strong intrusion prevention systems and well-established firewalls. Your apps, and the data in them, are safe and secure in our cloud.

Seamless scalability

Market demands are never static. As traffic flows in and out, the infrastructure on which your apps run must be sturdy enough to handle it. Our servers scale automatically, according to real-time traffic needs, so your apps grow right along with your business. Our fast-acting load balancers distribute network traffic efficiently across servers for the quickest response possible.

Significant savings

Storing data remotely saves you the huge cost of setting up IT infrastructure on your own—no operational costs and no power-hungry servers producing horrifying monthly bills. Free your developers from the hassle of managing servers so that they can focus on building truly powerful applications.

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