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What Zoho products can be extended with Creator?

We understand that every business has its unique set of tools and data management needs. That's why Zoho Creator provides the flexibility to create tailored applications for your specific use cases.

Here are some ways Zoho Creator can be used along with your existing systems; whether it's a Zoho service or a third party system.

Disclaimer: This scenario may not showcase a complete solution for the requirement. It is meant to illustrate how Zoho Creator can complement the Zoho ecosystem.

Zoho CRM

While Zoho CRM is a comprehensive solution to manage Customer Relationships, extend its capabilities by creating complementary applications that work seamlessly with the data from Zoho CRM. Some possible use cases include:

Visitor management system

For organizations with varying visitor management needs, Zoho Creator can provide a tailored solution. From simple visitor registration to more complex requirements, like badge creation, legal document signing, and employee escorts, Creator can manage it all. Integration with Zoho CRM has the added benefit of ensuring data consistency.

Order processing and fulfillment

Build a custom order processing and fulfillment tool integrated with Zoho CRM. This tool can automate inventory tracking and reorder processes, and syncs real-time stock data with CRM customer records. It's especially valuable for businesses with a presence in physical stores, online marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms.

Installation, maintenance, and repair application

Managing service appointments manually can be cumbersome, especially with a high volume of incoming orders. Zoho Creator helps you receive and schedule service appointments, track resolution times, and gather customer feedback. All customer data, product information, and service history can be stored within your CRM system.

Franchise management

Utilize Zoho CRM to store comprehensive franchise application data. With Zoho Creator, you can track progress, manage accounts, and support franchises. Creator apps help with document management, franchise agreements, approvals, and audit processes.

Zoho Desk

While Zoho Desk excels at handling your customer inquiries, Zoho Creator can help you build adjacent applications that are required to address those enquiries. Here are a few examples:

Claim status tracker

Develop an application that enables customers to track the status of their insurance claims in real time. Agents can then easily update claim progress and communicate with customers within Zoho Desk.

Product returns manager

Build an application to manage product returns and exchanges. Customers can initiate return requests, and agents can process returns, generate return labels, and track the status within Zoho Desk.

Incident management software

Zoho Creator can streamline incident management by handling disruptions, swiftly resolving issues, and minimizing While Zoho Desk can be used to receive requests and update users on the status of the requests.service downtime.

Change management software

Change management software supports organizations undergoing frequent changes, transformations, or upgrades. Manage change requests, assessments, scheduling, authorization, deployment, and post-implementation reviews with Zoho Creator while Zoho Desk keeps users informed about the status of their requests.

Zoho Books

Get more power out of our powerful accounting platform, Zoho Books with customl apps built on Zoho Creator. Here are just some of the possibilities:

Vendor management and supplier portals

Create a vendor management system with self-service portals for suppliers in Zoho Creator while automatically syncing vendor information and purchase orders with Zoho Books.

Warehouse management

Integrate Zoho Creator with Zoho Books for efficient warehouse management. Streamline inventory tracking, order fulfillment, and logistics while maintaining accurate financial records with Zoho Books.

Project expense reimbursement

Simplify the reimbursement process for consultants. They can submit project-related expenses, and managers can then review and approve reimbursements using Zoho Creator.

Property management

Optimize property management operations with an application integrated with Zoho Books for accounting. Track rent collection, maintenance requests, and property expenses, improving property portfolio management for landlords and property managers.

Zoho People

While Zoho People acts as a tool for exceptional employee experience, empower your employees more with custom applications that work together with Zoho People. A few examples of the possibilities include:

Gate pass request and vehicle tracker

Provide employees with the ability to request property access and streamline vehicle tracking for efficient parking management. Receive notifications for parking locations, validate user entry, and prevent overcrowding.

Event registration app

Allow employees to register for company events, conferences, or team-building activities and receive the details directly within Zoho People.

Emergency response and safety reporting

Enable employees to report safety concerns, incidents, or emergencies with real-time alerts to the safety team.

Health and wellness tracker:

Create health and wellness challenges for employees to track progress and earn rewards for achieving health-related goals.

If you have your own use case or another Zoho product to extend, talk to our experts now!

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Extending third-party systems

Zoho Creator's capabilities aren't limited to Zoho products alone. You can also extend third-party systems to bridge gaps, enhance functionalities, and tailor solutions to your exact business needs. With the array of third-party applications available, Zoho Creator can be customized to work seamlessly with your third-party tools and take your business to the next level.

Creator's built-in capabilities: Extend and integrate with ease

  • Integration field
  • Integration form
  • Inbuilt integrations using Deluge
  • 3rd party API
  • Integration flow

With Zoho Creator, the potential to extend and enhance your systems is limitless.

Your systems are not just tools; they are the foundation of your business's success. Let Creator help you make the most of them by extending, customizing, and optimizing your Zoho and third-party systems.

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