What’s New On Cliq?




Make guest users a part of your broadcast sessions

As the host of a broadcast session, you can now invite guests to join by sharing the broadcast link with them.


Enable user access restrictions based on IP only for Cliq organization or across all Zoho Products

This new feature allows the organization admins to restrict users from accessing only Zoho Cliq or all Zoho apps based on the IP address. IP restrictions can also be applied for specific roles and departments in Zoho Cliq.

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Organize your meeting conversations

Channel admins can now configure whether to create a separate thread conversation for the meeting, continue meeting chat in the channel or let the host decide between options.

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Play with new layout colors

You can now opt for either Accent Blue or Dark gray layout options and tailor the appearance of Cliq as per your likes. You can configure these under Profile & Settings -> Display -> Themes. 


3 levels of security - Exporting files from Cliq

When exporting files from Cliq now, you can choose between three security levels, unlike before, when password encryption was mandatory.
1. None - The user can open the file without a password, i.e., no added layer of security.

2. Password protection - The user will have to enter a specific password to open the file.

3. Password encryption - Only authorized users with the encrypted key can decrypt and access the file. 


Introducing Cliq Networks for external collaboration

Businesses using Zoho Cliq can now collaborate seamlessly with partners, vendors, contract employees and other stakeholders outside the organization. Networks offer a fully featured Cliq experience through chats, channels, meetings, admin controls and permissions promoting secure communication inside a specific network while keeping your organization's assets segregated and protected. Read on to know more.

Access your entire sent message history

Check out the history of the messages that you sent by navigating to History > Sent Messages from the navigation sidebar.

View call history with specific users

Click on the user's profile picture in chat and select Calls to view your entire call history with the individual.


Sort channels in alphabetical order

We have now introduced the option to sort your channels in alphabetical order. Go to the channels category in the navigation sidebar, click the sorting icon next to the search bar and choose "Alphabetical order". Your channels will be sorted in alphabetical order. 


Multi-Account Support in iOS

You can now manage all your Cliq accounts from one place in your Cliq iOS app. You do not have to switch tabs to stay on top of all your Cliq accounts as you'll be posted with all notifications in the Cliq mobile app.


DND for iOS

The DND mode allows you to turn off all push notifications in Cliq. You can now schedule and manage the DND mode from within your Cliq mobile app.


Edit images on the go

Now you can crop, rotate, mirror images and do much more before sharing them with your colleagues on your iOS device.


All new revamped file preview

You can now pane, rotate, and zoom in/out on images and files when previewing them.


Managers can now view their reportee's attendance

Managers can now check their reportee's weekly and monthly attendance reports. Here's how: Click on your reportee's profile picture and select Attendance.  

Cliq brings remote work utilities in iOS: check-in / check-out and statuses

Users can now quickly check-in / check-out and set their remote work status from Cliq iOS devices.


View Cliq call history from your iOS device

Your Cliq call history isn't just restricted to the web version. Here's how you can view it from your iOS device: Tap on the call icon in the bottom navigation to reach call history.


Plan ahead using Scheduled Messages in Cliq

Enhance communication between people working in varied time zones with scheduled messages in Cliq. Refer to our knowledge resource to know more.

Say hello to our redesigned widgets section

Quickly access the widgets you use to enhance your workflow from the navigation sidebar in Cliq

Tag to notify the users while you share an attachment with them

Enhance contextual conversation by tagging the person you are sharing an attachment with @mentions 


View the ongoing meetings on the go

Catch a glimpse of the ongoing meetings in your organization right from your Cliq iOS device.



Introducing "Leave" status in Cliq

The all new leave status notification has been added to intimate users about your availability. Once you apply for leave from Cliq your Cliq status automatically gets auto updated to "On leave"


Introducing Custom Emojis and Stickers in Cliq

Zoho Cliq brings you "Custom Emojis and Stickers" to keep your conversations interactive and lively. Refer to our forum post to know more.


Say Hi to message bubbles!

Cliq now offers you a variety of message display views (classic, monochrome, bubbles) to choose from. Refer to our user documentation to know more. To set your preferred message display view, navigate to Profile and Settings -> select General -> scroll down and choose your preferred message display view.

Be notified when a user joins or leaves a channel

Enabling the "Notify when users join or leave" option will post an info message, notifying the channel members when a user joins or leaves the channel. You can find this option in the configuration section under channel permissions.

Channel admins can now delete channel messages posted by channel members

Admins can now delete messages with unprofessional language, typos or irrelevant messages.

Open any channel -> navigate to channel permissions -> By default, this permission will be enabled for admins. The admins can further provide this permission to the channel moderators from here.


Enable "Mandate 'Original sender' Info"

Admins can now mandate the original sender for forwarded messages. Navigate to Cliq Admin panel -> Organization -> Configuration -> enable "Mandate 'Original sender' Info".


All new Cliq meeting extends support for IOS

Connect with up to 1000 participants in a single conference, with the help of Cliq audio/video meetings. Cliq meetings enable you to create and start a meeting instantly by adding users from your organization, and external organizations. Read to know more about how to initiate and perform various actions in a Cliq meeting via iOS devices.


Have contextual conversations with @mentions

Avoid miscommunications in channels by @mentioning the name of the individual you are addressing your message or attributing your message to.


Fix Cliq android notification issues with simple steps

Resolve your Cliq android notification issues by following these simple steps.




All new audio/video meetings in Cliq

Connect with up to 1000 participants in a single audio conference, with the help of Cliq audio/video meetings. Cliq meetings enable you to schedule, create and start a meeting instantly by adding users from your organization, and external organizations. Read to know more about the various actions that you can perform in a Cliq meeting .


Blur messy backgrounds and add filters in video calls

Make your meetings interesting and engaging by enabling backgrounds & filters in Cliq meetings.


Record your Cliq audio/video meetings

All the meetings that you host can now be recorded by the host and can be accessed from the "Recordings" tab in the files section.


Collaborate real time with Cliq whiteboard during meetings

The collaborative whiteboard helps you to express ideas, draw storyboards and plan strategically with your team-mates. Read more on how to use whiteboard in Cliq audio and video meetings.


Task Management made easy with the Projects module in Cliq

No more switching between your task management application and Cliq. You can now create, manage, and track your tasks & issues from the projects section within Cliq.


Create notes, collaborate on them, and work better

Swiftly take down notes and view all your meeting notes in a consolidated space from the notes module. You can edit, share, set reminders and perform more actions on notes in Cliq. Read our help page to know more about the various actions that you can perform in Cliq notes.

Get in touch with anyone in your organization in a jiffy with the Organization module in Cliq.

The organization module in Cliq provides you with an insight about your team and the people in your organization. Refer to our help resource to learn more.


Communicate asynchronously with quick Video messages and screen recordings

You can now record a video message or your screen and share it with your coworker with ease.


Calendar in Cliq

Calendar in Cliq provides you with a wholesome view of your team's calendar making it convenient for you to plan and schedule your day to day activities and meetings efficiently. Read more to know about the various actions you can perform in the Cliq calendar.


Create Chat folder

Keep your chats and channels organized by creating chat folders in Cliq to have hassle-free conversations by conveniently accessing them.


Request leave in Zoho People from Cliq's remote work module

Navigate to the Remote Work module -> Click on the Check out button dropdown -> select Apply Leave -> enter required details -> Submit.


React instantly with quick emoji reactions

Configure quick emoji reactions in Cliq to access the emojis, you most frequently use by just hovering over the message you receive. Refer to the help page and learn to configure quick emoji reactions in Cliq.


Work on the go with Zoho Cliq Carplay support

With Zoho CarPlay support, you can now:

  • Listen to unread messages
  • Send a message
  • Call someone via Siri command



Introducing DND in Cliq

The "Do Not Disturb" (DND) status in Cliq will block all your Cliq notifications, pop-ups and sounds. You can set DND status from the Default status dropdown or from the Remote work module. Refer to our help guide to enable DND. 


Cliq is integrated with IFTTT

Increase your work pace and get more done by simplifying and automating your routine tasks with the IFTTT integration for Cliq. Refer to the IFTTT integration knowledge base and automate your routine tasks with ease.


Check-in and Check-out using Remote work

Check-in and Check-out on the go with Remote work status in your Cliq mobile application.

  • Click on the hamburger menu in your Cliq application
  • Tap on the Remote Work toggle

Set your work status using Remote work

Quickly set your current availability status from Remote work in your Cliq mobile application.

  • Click on the hamburger menu in your Cliq application
  • Click on Remote Work, set your current availability status



Introducing Threads in Cliq

Streamline your conversations in Cliq with Threads. Threads are a group of related messages in reference to a particular subject or a topic made available exclusively in Cliq channels. With threads, you can have conversations about multiple topics in the same channel by grouping them. Do check out our help guide to learn how to create threads in Cliq with ease.

Note: Threaded conversations are made available on both the web and on your mobile devices.


Share your screen in landscape mode (iOS)

You can now share your screen in landscape mode on your iOS devices. Launch landscape mode on your IOS device by tapping on the full-screen icon during a screen share session.



Admins can configure default notification settings for org users

Users may miss important notifications by turning them off by mistake. To address this pain point, we have provided the org admins with the ability to configure default notification settings for all their org members. Notifications about a doc being shared, event reminders and others can now be mandated.

View screen share sessions on your mobile

Attend one-on-one call screen share sessions right from your Cliq mobile!



Introducing voice messages in Cliq chats and channels.

Navigate to any chat or channel. Click on the mic button in the message composer to start recording. Click the link to learn more.


Pricing plan changes for new users

Marginal changes in Cliq UNLIMITED, UNLIMITED TRIAL plans for new users. Click here to know more.



Admins can now provide admin privileges to user roles

The admin of the organization can choose to provide selective admin privileges for any role and make them the custom admin of the organization. 


Introducing /feedback command

Share your comments, raise bugs and ask questions from Cliq by using the /feedback command. Our support team will get a ticket and they will resolve the issue.


Quick options made available to close current chat, close other chats and close all chats.

Right-click on the chat profile picture for quick options.


Create Group calls in IOS app

You can now create group calls from your Cliq IOS application in addition to joining group audio/video calls



Enable Telephony integration

Smart suggestions in Cliq, auto-detects the phone number shared in a conversation and provides you with an actionable suggestion to make an instant phone call via Telephony integration.


Group calls in IOS app

You can now connect, engage and discuss with your team anytime, anywhere on the go by joining in Cliq audio and video group calls via your IOS app.


Mute notifications

Mute the noisy channel or chat for upto1 hour with a simple tap on the "Mute 1 hour" option in the notification.


Hide your app preview

Step up your privacy by enabling the "Hide app content from task switcher" option to hide your data while you switch between applications on your phone.



The all new navigation sidebar

The upgraded navigation sidebar in Cliq prioritizes your ease for accessibility. It allows you to collaborate and communicate efficiently by bringing all the significant components that you frequently access under one roof.


New access sections to help you connect and collaborate better

  • Files: All the files shared in Cliq, that you have access to can be found here.
  • History: The History section contains the logs of your entire direct calls, group calls, conversations and broadcasts. From the chat history, you can contextually search and retrieve the required data from your past conversations.
  • People: You can easily find and connect with people in your organization from the people section in the Cliq navigation sidebar.
  • Widgets: Extensions in Cliq are often accompanied by widgets.  All these widgets can be accessed easily from here. 



Join in more participants in video/audio conference

You can now add up to 1000 participants in a video conference and up to 60 participants in an audio conference.


Locate your files easily with OCR

The Cliq search bar is now powered with optical character recognition. You can now search using not just the file name but also using any text in the images shared.


Set a default status while Check-in/Check-out

You can now choose a default status that will be updated once you check-in / check-out or can choose to have a status update pop up, show up every time you check-in / check-out or can retain your last updated status in Cliq.




Launch instant voice or video call with your group!

Initiate and engage in a group audio/video call from your Cliq Android app and stay connected with your team on the go.


Read receipts is now available on iOS!

You can see if your message has been read by the receiver with the visual indication of a double tick. A quick swipe over the message will show you the message read info.



Select your preferred time zone while creating an event via Cliq

No more missing an event due to overlooked timezone! Schedule events conveniently by selecting your timezone and the attendees will receive the event details in their timezone.


Pause and play the gifs you receive via Cliq chat

Pause your gifs to keep your chat window clean and drive focus to the conversation. Click on the gif and replay it whenever your want. 



Cliq Mobile: Read receipts now available in Android

Now you can get to see whether your message is read by the receiver. You'll be visually informed with a double tick when someone has read your message.

A quick tap on the double tick will display the message read info in channels and group conversations.


Digitize your paperwork with Cliq's Document Scanner

Digitize your paperwork with Cliq's Document Scanner. Convert documents, agreements, checks, business cards, receipts, etc into advanced digital copies with Cliq's Document Scanner.

Tap Attach (+) -> Scanner to get started.


Power Shortcut for Message Action Menu

You can now access the message action menu with a simple right-click on the messages.

Here are the message actions made available:


  • Select
  • Forward
  • Copy
  • Fork from here
  • Set Reminder
  • Mark as Unread
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Copy Message URL
  • Pin message
  • More

Convert your Group Chats into Channels in Cliq

You can now add more structure to your group conversations and collaborate better by converting them into channels.
Click on Actions in chat window --> Convert to channel 



Bring your apps into Cliq with Widgets

Widgets bring the tools you use into one place: your Cliq window. It integrates with your everyday apps to create a custom view inside Cliq. You can easily access them from the Widget section in your Cliq sidebar. 

Explore and understand more about widgets and bring your apps into Cliq.

Document collaboration made easy with the Zoho Writer Integration for Cliq

Zoho Writer’s integration with Cliq is a great way to collaborate on your documents from the comfort of your chat window. This powerful integration comes with a “Documents” Widget where you can view recent documents, create new documents, view documents shared with you, your favorites, or even create a new template.

Learn How The Zoho Cliq Integration With Zoho Writer Works

Telephony integration for Cliq: Automatic status updates and context-driven suggestions

Cliq detects the context behind every conversation to suggest smart follow-up actions. For example, whenever there is a phone number that is shared on chat, a contextual suggestion powered by Cliq’s Telephony integration is listed right next to the text.  

Make sure that Telephony is set up and enabled from the Zoho App of your choice (CRM, Bigin, Recruit, Zoho One) and get to make an outbound call right from your chat window.

Also, once the call gets connected, your Cliq status automatically reflects that you’re on a call. 

Read More About Smart Suggestions in Cliq

Build webhook based extensions for Cliq

You can now create a webhook based extension for Cliq by accessing Cliq’s developer console. All you have to do is create the extension, choose the platform components you’d like to add to your extension, and provide a call back URL for your server. 


Configure Taz notifications and stay updated!

Now you can configure Taz notifications and get to decide on when to receive alerts/notifications under specific circumstances.

You can enable/disable notifications for the following cases:

  • When a document is shared
  • When a new event is created or updated
  • When an event invite is accepted or rejected
  • For event reminders

Cliq Mobile: Sync dark mode with your iOS settings

You can now swiftly toggle between light and dark mode by syncing Cliq with your device settings. To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Personalize
  • Enable Sync with device setting option under Night Mode

Enabling the option will sync Cliq with your device settings i.e when you select the night mode theme for your device it will be reflected in Cliq also. 


Cliq Mobile: New addition to Cliq's default status options: Away

Make sure that your teammates know when you're away from work/desk by switching to Away status in Cliq. 


Cliq Mobile: Share content to Cliq with ease

The improved version of the share extension provides a convenient way to share content from other apps to Cliq effortlessly. The improved full-screen UI for share extensions puts a stop to endless scrolling through for selecting a chat and makes it easier for you to view and select a chat/channel.

Share info into Cliq with ease now!


Configure mobile notifications to suit your needs

We have tweaked our system to keep you notified in real-time with messages that are directed to you or when someone @ mentions you in a conversation. Now you also get to configure whether to receive notifications with sound or not at your convenience.

To configure notification settings,

  • Go to Settings > Notifications
  • Under Notification when active on web you'll be displayed with two options to choose between: Receive with sound and Receive quietly

You can select either one of the options based on how you'd like to receive mobile notifications when you're active on the web. 



Introducing galaxy view in group video call

The galaxy view is our interesting take on the group video calling interface. All participants will be displayed in rings based on their activity in the call. The current active speaker will be present at the center and indicated by a yellow ring. Galaxy view in Group Video Call is currently available only to Cliq users falling under the US DC. 



Check-in reminders in Cliq's Remote Work

If you’re active on Cliq and haven’t checked-in for the day yet, Cliq's check-in reminder will pop up to make sure you remember. Worry no more about forgetting to check-in or checking-in late! 



Multi-account in Cliq Android App

Configure more than one Zoho Cliq account in your Cliq Android App and switch between all your accounts with ease. 



Add emojis and mentions in attachments comments

You can now add and edit comments for an attachment to insert emojis or mention users just like you do for normal messages. 



Scheduling calendar events made easier

The calendar events interface just got a makeover!  You can now schedule a calendar meeting more precisely as per your needs with a face to face or online meeting, rope in participants you need, or assign it to a chat directly and more. 




Read receipts in Cliq is here

This has been long pending! But it's finally here :)

Read receipts allow you to know whether your message is read by the receiver. You'll be visually informed with a double tick when someone has read your message. A quick tap on the double tick will display the message read info in channels and group conversations. 

Learn more about read receipts



Drag and drop files to a chat in your left side panel

Now you can drag and drop attachments from a chat window to a specific chat or channel in Cliq's left side menu. Forget opening a chat to just share an attachment! 



Edit attachment comments

Ever added a comment to an attachment and wished you could edit or update it after some time? Now you can do so easily by using the edit message action. You can edit comments for an attachment just like you edit normal messages. 



Cliq Mobile: Forwarded tags for messages

Messages that are forwarded will be labelled with the 'Forwarded from <username>' tag to indicate where it originally came from. All you've to do is, enable the 'Show Forwarded from' option that pops up and forward the message. 




Introducing Remote Work: Bring your office into Cliq

Ever wondered what it’d be like to experience working from an office space while also working remotely? With Remote Work on Cliq, you can get the best of both worlds. 

  • Easy Check in and Check out
  • Department View
  • Live Video Feed
  • Group Calls & Scheduled Meetings
  • User Availability Reports
  • Contextual Native Integrations
Read more about Cliq's Remote Work

Admin Panel: View all team channels

You can view all the team channels created under a specific team in the 'Channels' tab under the team preview page.

Here's how: Head over to your admin panel, click on Teams, search for a particular team and open the team's preview page, click on 'Channels' to find all the channels associated with the team. 


Admin Panel: Zoho Cliq - People Integration Configuration

If you are using Zoho People as your HRMS, Cliq offers a native integration with Zoho People. You can configure this integration directly from Cliq's admin panel. Here's how: Head over to your Admin panel > Integrations > Zoho People. 





Simple short cuts to view unread and mark chats as read

You can now easily carry out short cut actions on a list of conversations. Simply click on the menu button right next to Conversations in Cliq's left side panel and use View unreads to view only the unread chats in your list. You can also mark all the unread chats as read by using the Mark all as read option!


Guest Chat: Collaborate with external users easily

Guest access in Cliq lets you invite an external user or a group of external users to be a part of a group conversation. Guest users will be able to send messages, share files, and get on group calls with an invite, without having to sign up!

Learn more about guest chat in Cliq

Reply privately to messages in group conversations

You can now send a private reply to a user's message in a group conversation. All you've to do is, click on the message actions menu, choose the Reply Privately option. This will open up your private messaging space (direct conversation) with the message sender. Type your reply and hit send! 


View your mentions easily

The mentions view is updated with a filter to hide all group mentions and display only your personal mentions. This makes it easier to sift through the clutter and pay attention to direct mentions that are more important. You can also clear your notifications by marking all your mentions as read.  



Increased maximum channel participants limit

The maximum channel participants limit has been increased to 5000.  


Enhanced search results

Cliq's global search algorithm has been updated to make sure it pulls up all relevant chats in search results even if the conversation title has been changed! 




Right click on conversations for chat actions

You can now right-click on any conversation in Cliq's left pane to perform a chat action. The list of actions are currently supported include: 

  • Mark chat as read
  • Pin/Unpin chat 
  • Mute chat
  • Copy chat permalink
  • Search in chat



Make important messages stand out

You no longer have to scroll endlessly through a sea of messages to find that one important text sent hours ago. Simply, pin them to the top of the chat window for everyone to see!


See how to pin a message in any chat

Know your message status 

All your messages will have a clear indication allowing you to monitor the progress of your messages. You'll see a single tick when your messages are successfully sent and a clear indicator when message sending fails, making it easier for you to act upon. 

P.S - We're gearing up for showing messages read by state as well. Read receipts is coming soon! 


Incident management right from chat: Cliq - PagerDuty Integration

What if there was a way to bring real-time incidents directly to your team? What if there was a way to somehow bring PagerDuty’s alerts to your support team channel so that everybody’s in the loop and anybody viewing the channel can take a call?  Zoho Cliq’s integration with PagerDuty is the solution.  

This integration enables teams to communicate effectively and to handle incidents efficiently while having everyone in loop. 

Head over to our blog to know more about this integration

PrimeTime on the go! 

PrimeTime's assembly mode is now available on Cliq Android! You can participate or initiate company-wide town halls, presentations and more now. 

Install Cliq for Android