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Cards enhancement


Cards in widgets can now be implemented with a dropdown menu which lets you add more interactive elements to the cards.

Furthermore, clicking on a card will showcase them in a popup view, giving you a more focused look.

Widget shortcuts


Widgets can now be added as shortcuts to your home screen. This feature lets you access widgets without needing to go through extra steps after opening the mobile application. 

App link preview


Customized app link previews are now compatible with the Zoho Cliq mobile app on iOS devices. 

Integration with Whereby


Create, view and join video conferencing rooms and sessions in Whereby directly from Zoho Cliq with the Whereby integration. You can try the extension from here.

Integration with Woocommerce


Simplify managing your e-commerce platform with the Woocommerce integration. This integration enables you to create and monitor orders, receive notifications about orders and product launches, and offers many more functionalities. Explore the extension from here.

Integration with ActiveCampaign


Upgrade your CRM game with the ActiveCampaign integration. This integration lets you monitor campaigns, automations, contacts, and deals in ActiveCampaign directly from Zoho Cliq. Try the extension from here.


Default Channel Permissions


As an organization admin, you can adjust the default permissions of different channels (organization, team, personal, external) upon creation, giving you more control over how they function right from the start. Additionally, you can enforce specific permissions to be mandatory, ensuring that even channel admins cannot alter them. For instance, you can mandate that only admins have the authority to add users to an external channel.

Network performance in calls/meetings


Monitor your network performance during calls and meetings through the network performance monitor in the call settings. With an easy-to-understand score, you will know if your network is causing lags.

Enhanced security for webhook tokens


We have added an extra layer of security for your webhook tokens with Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). You will need to authenticate to view or create webhook tokens, ensuring only authorized access.