Zoho Cliq Networks: External collaboration made easy

Zoho Cliq helps organizations streamline internal collaboration. But what about external collaboration?

Introducing Networks in Zoho Cliq, your comprehensive external collaboration platform. Rebuild the way you work with your partners, vendors, customers, and any other stakeholder outside your organization with Cliq Networks.

What is Cliq Networks?   

Cliq Networks is an exclusive, secure platform that allows you to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with users outside your organization.

For instance, let's take Noah, the CEO of Zylker Tech. He manages his organization's internal communication smoothly using Zoho Cliq. All communication, file sharing, workflow automation, and task management within the organization are taken care of. But he's recently encountered a situation that requires him to connect with a vendor outside his organization. His main goal is to negotiate a deal and get it done quickly. This is where the Cliq Networks system comes in handy.

Noah can easily use Zoho Cliq to create a network and connect with the vendor. One distinctive factor to note is that the vendor needn't necessarily be part of any Cliq organization to join the Network (just having a Zoho account would do).

What does it offer?   

  • Say goodbye to complex onboarding steps. If you have the network join link in hand, then all you have to do is sign in to your Zoho account, access the link, and join.

  • Set specific roles at the admin level and take complete control over what users of a network can and cannot access.

  • Create both publicly-discoverable and private teams according to your organization's needs.

  • Organize your conversations and engage in focused discussions using channels and groups.

  • Customize the appearance of Cliq Networks and tailor its color theme, layout, logo, and custom domain to your liking.

  • Communicate with anyone outside your organization without compromising on security. All your messages are encrypted in rest and transit.

  • Use just a single credential to log in to your Cliq organization and all your networks.

  • Integrate your network with other tools, schedule meetings, and automate routine tasks.

Get started with Cliq Networks 

We've just begun to run through the basics of Cliq Networks and its features. To learn more about how to get started, explore all the features, and discover ways to better connect with external users, take a look at our dedicated Cliq Networks page.


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