App Spotlight: Deal 2 Project Converter for Zoho CRM

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Deal 2 Project Converter for Zoho CRM 

The Deal 2 Project converter extension for Zoho CRM lets you create a Zoho Project using templates based on your Deal data values directly from your Zoho CRM’s Deals module. It offers you all of the essential, customizable options so you can decide what the project's template should contain for an individual deal, saving you the time and effort you'd otherwise spend manually converting each project from each deal into a Zoho Project.

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Business needs

  • In the Zoho CRM project management system, creating a project for every single new deal can be time-consuming, especially if it involves clicking in and out of the Zoho Projects app frequently for a larger client base.
  • If your deals contain the same data and criteria, manually switching to your Zoho Project to create a template will not only increase the risk of human error, but it will also add mundane, repetitive tasks for your employees.
  • For diverse types of deals, you'll need to create the project separately. It may take ages to fill in all of the relevant and mandatory fields for the successful handling of the project in terms of the budget, the threshold budget, aproject overview, assignees, and hours allocation.


  • With the Deal-to-Project converter extension, you can instantly create thousands of projects from the Deals module of Zoho CRM into your Zoho Projects without switching between the apps.
  • The extension will automatically capture the deal's name and name your project with it by default, so you don't need to individually sort out the name for each deal.
  • Create and edit your templates with essential subcategories such as task list, their names, prefixes and suffixes, and milestones so that you can create similar projects in the same category with the customized template.
  • Create your triggering list where you can set the condition strings. You can choose which template may generate as soon as the condition is met. Based on the conditions, your template will be selected for the project.
  • Use both automatic and manual modes to transfer your projects from the deal. In manual mode, you can use the “Create Zoho Project” option to create your projects for various deals. For that, you need to set your triggering project lists beforehand. However, you don’t need to click “Create Zoho Project'' if the automatic mode is selected. It will automatically apply the template based on the preselected trigger list.


  • By automating the process you can boost your productivity by decreasing the time wasted on manually creating the project for individual deals on the Zoho Project platform.
  • You can create templates with multiple options and conditions, which you can set inside the Zoho CRM’s Deal 2 Project’s settings option. These templates can be set for forthcoming projects of identical or similar categories as well.
  • Upon completing the setup, you can select multiple options like project start and end date, budget, description, costing, rate per hour, and much more to enhance your all-in-one project management solution.
  • It cuts you loose from small, yet time-consuming activities, allowing you to focus more on the backbone of your business.

 Get Deal 2 Project Converter for Zoho CRM

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