How to pin a message in a chat

How to pin a message in a chat

When you have an important message in a conversation that you have to look up, pin a message on top of the chat window. Clicking the pinned message will point you to the message in the chat window.

How to pin a message?

To pin a message hover over the message and click on Actions (3 dots) followed by Pin message. Clicking this will open a pop-up window where you can set the time period of the pinned message as 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 Day, 1 Week, Forever and Custom.

NOTE: You can notify participants in a conversation about a pinned message by clicking the Notify participants check box.

Pin message configuration in Channels

Here's how a pinned message works in different chat types.


Channel TypeAdminModeratorMembers


You can alter a channel's permission by clicking on the Channel info followed by altering the consent in the permissions tab.


In 1-1 and group chats, any participant can pin and unpin a message.

How to unpin a message?

There are two ways in which you can unpin a message,

1. Click on Actions (3 dots) on top of the chat window followed by Unpin.
2. Click on the Message Actions of the pinned message and select Unpin message.

Extend the time period of the pinned message

The extend option let's you modify the time period that was set initially while pinning the message for the first time.


1. Editing a message that is already pinned will display the updated content in the chat header as well.
2. Deleting a message that is pinned will unpin the message.
3. Clearing a conversation in a channel will unpin the message to all the participants in the channel.
4. Similarly, clearing a conversation in a 1-1 chat or a group chat will unpin a message if and only if the message pinned by a user is the one who clears the conversation.
5. Messages cannot be pinned in a bot conversation.

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