Bring your apps into Cliq with Widgets

Bring your apps into Cliq

Everything we do on the Cliq platform is backed by the sole objective of making your everyday apps more accessible. Collaboration is crucial, and it becomes even more powerful when driven by context and accessible information. Your apps should be accessible right where you collaborate, so you don't end up switching between multiple apps to find the data you need.

We've added a series of updates to the Zoho Cliq Platform that are designed to bring people, the apps they use, and the data they need together in Cliq.

Introducing Widgets

Widgets bring the tools you use into one place: your Cliq window.

Widgets integrate with your everyday apps to create a custom view inside Cliq. You can easily access them from the Widget section in your Cliq sidebar.

Understanding Widgets

Each Widget is made up of tabs containing sections that house a combination of various elements.

Widget Tabs: Tabs in Widgets are similar to your browser's tabs. They're labeled, clickable pages that can hold up to 20 sections of information. Each Widget can have a maximum of 5 tabs.

Widget Sections: Widget tabs can contain up to 20 sections. These sections help organize all kinds of data, including tables, images, text, and more.

Widget Section Elements: Section elements are the building blocks of your Cliq Widget. There are different types of Widget section elements, such as title, text, subtext, divider, buttons, and more.

Widget Views: Widget views are customizable views that can be created based on the type and amount of data you'd like to display. There are three types of Widget views that you can create:

      • Sections View
      • Info View
      • Web View

Widgets Structure

Learn more about the different types of Widget section elements here.

Widgets can also be bundled into an extension and hosted on the Zoho Marketplace. We have updated a few of our existing Marketplace extensions, such as Poll for Zoho Cliq, Box for Cliq, Dropbox for Cliq, and a few others with Widgets. Take a look at some of the new additions that we've added in the marketplace. We've listed out a couple of new extensions for you right here, read on!

Your Twitter timeline, brought into Cliq

The Twitter Widget shows your Twitter feed, lets you like, retweet, search, and even post a new tweet. You can also view the current trending hashtags based on your region and topic as well.

Install the Twitter integration for Cliq today.

Cliq - Twitter Integration

Keep track of COVID-19 updates

The COVID-19 tracker keeps you up to date on the current situation in your country and across the world. You can get a full picture of the total number of new cases, active cases, recoveries, and more.

Install the COVID-19 tracker today.

COVID-19 Widget for Cliq

Document collaboration made easy with the Zoho Writer Integration

Zoho Writer's integration with Cliq is a great way to collaborate on your documents from the comfort of your chat window. This powerful integration comes with a "Documents" Widget where you can view recent documents, create new documents, view documents shared with you, your favorites, or even create a new template.

Zoho Writer integration with Zoho Cliq

Share documents in Cliq

Commands shortcuts in Writer Integration for Cliq

The integration also comes with different command shortcuts to help you find and share documents directly in a chat, jot down ideas and save them in Writer or even convert a message into a document, and so much more.

Install Zoho Writer for Zoho Cliq today.

Just like all the other internal components of the Zoho Cliq Platform, Widgets are also powered by Deluge, Zoho's own coding language. Widgets are also fully accessible via Cliq mobile apps without any additional effort. So, if you're planning on building a Widget, head over to our developer documentation right away! You can also download the code for the Twitter and COVID-19 widget right over here.

Cliq bots as channel participants

You can now add Cliq bots to your channels as participants. Bots in Cliq are helpful virtual assistants, following up on your work items, bringing you updates, and more. With bots as channel participants, they can go a step further and take care of all updates, follow-ups, and messages, making sure you don't miss out on important information.

For instance, the Support Bot listens to messages being posted in the #internal-support channel and responds to employees with the information they're looking for. The bot helps the internal support team by answering frequently asked questions and lets the team handle other important, immediate queries.

Add bots as participants

The bot also keeps track of the total number of internal queries being raised based on the messages posted in the channel, ensure that all queries are responded by the end of the day, and even calculate the total response time!

Stats bot notifying a channel

Telephony integration: Automatic status updates and context-driven suggestions

Cliq detects the context behind every conversation to suggest smart follow-up actions. For example, whenever there is a phone number that is shared on chat, a contextual suggestion powered by Cliq's Telephony integration is listed right next to the text. All you've to do is, make sure Telephony is set up and enabled from the Zoho App of your choice (CRM, Bigin, Recruit, Zoho One) and you'll be able to make an outbound call right from your chat window.

Contextual suggestions in Cliq

Cliq - Zoho Telephony Integration

The best part is, once the call gets connected, your Cliq status automatically reflects that you're on a call.

Cliq Auto Status Updates

Note: This integration will be available only if you're using a Unified Vendor supported across Zoho. Please refer to this link to find out vendors supported across Zoho.

Build webhook based extensions for Cliq

You can now create a webhook based extension for Cliq. The extension can be created by accessing Cliq's developer console, and all you have to do is create the extension, choose the platform components you'd like to add to your extension and provide a call back URL for your server. Every time a user interacts with a component in your extension, a command, or a button or a bot, a HTTP POST request is made to your server and you’ll have to handle the request to return a suitable response.

Webhook based extension on Cliq

We hope you try out these new updates on the Zoho Cliq platform and get even more out of Cliq. Tell us about the custom tools and extensions that are making your team collaboration seamless in the comments below!


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