Announcing Zoho's all-in-one virtual event platform: Zoho Webinar, a comprehensive webinar tool for all of your online webinar needs.

Imagine having a single platform to manage all of your online collaboration needs without having to switch frantically between multiple tools. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we listened to all of your feedback and crafted the perfect tool for your webinar arsenal.

Announcing Zoho Webinar

We’re proud to present the finest work of our webinar software artisans: Zoho Webinar!

The software craftspeople at Zoho aspire to create the best experiences for end users at every step. After in-depth consultations and reviews, we developed an extensive webinar tool to help you conduct robust yet efficient virtual events and online webinars.

What's new in Zoho Webinar? 

Let’s take a brief tour of the six new features you’ll find in Zoho Webinar.

Interactive, user-friendly UI 

Relevant tools are often ignored for their poor usability. We took informed steps to solve this age-old conundrum and enhance end-users’ webinar hosting and attendee experience with our all-new UI. Hosting and attending webinars can now be automated with just a click of a button using Zoho Webinar.

Worry-free webcasting 

Live stream and engage up to 3,000 attendees on YouTube directly from your browser, with no additional downloads. Broadcast your story and cater to a large global audience without worrying about interruptions and technical faults. You can share your screen/material, clearly communicate your thoughts during a presentation, and efficiently generate quality leads.

Record and re-play webinar sessions 

Record your webcam's video along with your audio and shared screen during a live webinar and share it later with those who weren’t able to attend. You can now automate your session recordings by enabling the auto-record option in Zoho Webinar so that you have a backup, even if you forget to record your webinar session.

Immersive attendee experience 

You can elevate your attendee engagement metrics with our Q&A and spotlight tools. Conduct polls and interact with your attendees through our live polling tool. You can shift your spotlight focus on attendees by responding when they raise their hands using the raise-hand tool. Conduct town hall sessions to communicate with a large audience and offer a clutter-free, peer-to-peer collaboration experience.

Quick-time analytics 

Promote your webinar registration links across various social mediums and use our built-in source-tracking tool to analyze which platforms are suitable for generating quality leads. Evaluate the efficacy of your online presence with customizable performance metrics. Keep track of your webinar registrant information, poll results, and Q&A engagement based on your organizational prospects. You can also export them as CSV or XLS reports.

Learn more about our features in detail here.

Battle-tested security 

Zoho Webinar is protected by industry-standard TLS 1.2 256-bit AES encryption protocols, which offer maximum security. We encrypt your data at rest to ensure that no one but you has access to it.

Take our finest work yet out for a spin! 

Get full access to all of our premium features starting at just $8 a month. Learn more here about Webinar’s pricing structure. You can alternatively try out a 14-day free trial and experience Zoho Webinar's stellar performance at no added cost.

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