Experience truly unlimited VoIP calling with Zoho Voice

Telephone expenses can be a huge money drain for organizations handling massive call volumes every single day. But with unlimited calling, you’ll no longer have to track call expenses—so you can focus solely on closing more deals and growing your business. 

zoho voice unlimited calling

Who needs unlimited VoIP calling? 

Here are three tell-tale signs you need Zoho Voice's unlimited VoIP calling:

  • Your organization handles high call volumes every day.
  • Your call expenses keep soaring over time as you expand your business.
  • Your calls are being throttled or penalized with surcharges, overages, or tolls.

Enjoy unlimited business calling with all Zoho Voice plans when you purchase a new type of number called Personal Unlimited. Assign a unique number to each agent; each number will handle one call at a time. Multiple concurrent calls are supported for local and toll-free numbers.

Learn more about Zoho Voice's unlimited business calling plans here.

Quadruple your business reach with Personal Unlimited numbers 

Now there’s no limit to dial your contacts over any network within the United States and Canada (on both mobile and landline devices) when you purchase Personal Unlimited numbers. Instantly place free calls—whenever and wherever you are—using the Zoho Voice web app, ZDialer browser extension, or the ZDialer mobile app.

Handle your calls without counting costs 

Contact all of your customers and prospects without worrying about your telephony budget. Experience freedom from your painstaking routine of tracking call expenses for good, and free up your focus on other tasks that will expand your business.

Experience unlimited VoIP calls 

With unlimited calls, you’ll enjoy not having a cap on the total duration of calls while protecting those calls across different networks and different states from being penalized with surcharges, overages, or tolls. The Zoho Voice team will monitor your call traffic and will block any calls that appear illegitimate.

Build a strong local presence with unlimited numbers

Grow your business locally by targeting customers in specific area codes, or get virtual phone numbers with different areas codes and quickly broaden your reach both inside and outside your geographic area.  

Cut your overall call expenses 

Even as you grow your call volumes over time, you’ll have the unlimited ability to connect with your contacts for free, saving your organization from costly telephony overhead expenses.

When you shed these soaring call costs, you’ll be able to catapult your customer reach to unimaginable heights with Zoho Voice's unlimited business calling. 

Where is Personal Unlimited available? 

To start, Zoho Voice has introduced unlimited calling in the United States and Canada, with plans to expand to Australia next. Keep an eye out for more updates. 

If you’re in the United States or Canada, Sign up now and let us help you impress your prospects and customers with a great customer call experience.


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