Elevate your business identity and authenticity with Zoho Voice's call branding services

Pesky spam calls and robocalls are a daily annoyance to consumers and businesses alike. While consumers combat the unyielding menace of spam, robocalls and robotexts, illegal spoofs, and other scams, legitimate companies struggle to reach consumers who are that much less likely to answer calls from unknown numbers they don't recognize or trust.

So why are phone calls still so important? Though text messages currently seem to be king, surprisingly enough, people still want to receive phone calls—but they want better ones. They seek phone services that prioritize consumer protection while validating and labeling legitimate businesses as trustworthy.

To address this demand, Zoho Voice is introducing an all-new "call branding" service for its subscribers in the United States. This new feature enables your business calls traveling through the complex web of cellular networks to bear a caller ID signed as legitimate by originating carriers and validated by other carriers in the United States before reaching end consumers.

What is Call branding? 

Call branding is an essential service that allows your customers to receive a verified, branded voice call over their local cellular network. As a licensed user of Zoho Voice, you can activate this new call branding service to launch custom displays solely delivered by the local mobile network and impart your voice calls with the trust and identity that your customers recognize instantly. Built specifically for mobile devices, the service reaches two-thirds of the cellular network carriers—and more than 280 million mobile devices—in the United States.

So is your business ready to unlock the power of branded communications on mobile devices? Sign up right now by clicking this link.

Who can benefit from branding voice calls? 

Small, mid-sized, and large businesses alike can all benefit from using Zoho Voice’s new call branding feature. Here are just a few examples:

  • Businesses in industries that deal with sensitive and confidential information, such as banks, credit unions, other financial institutions (e.g., credit card companies and stock brokerages), law firms, and health care providers, where phone calls are the most preferred means of communication.

  • Organizations that deal with people’s most personal vulnerabilities, where trust is demanded to lead and engage in delicate conversations. Some examples would be healthcare providers, psychologists, and mental health or drug addiction counselors.

  • Businesses that are already inundated by spammers and scammers.

  • Businesses that rely on consistent, open, and timely communications.

To configure the call branding services in Zoho Voice follow the steps outlined here.

Take your branding to the next level

Get your brand name verified, and instantly elevate your brand's reputation. You can establish your business as a premium brand in the ways we discuss below.

Rebuild trust in phone calls

Identify your business when you contact prospects and customers so they feel confident answering your call. Build trust and preserve your brand's reputation by protecting your customers from spam calls.

Boost first-call rates to improve customer retention

Improve your first-call resolution rates by increasing your chances of connection. Ensure that your customers will feel safe to answer your calls, elevate your customer satisfaction, and watch your retention rates improve.

Deliver confidence via a small display

Leverage that small amount of screen space and the ringing time before a call connects by communicating with your customer through a 30-character, customized display name. Give your voice calls a reliable identity that your customers will recognize instantly.

Reap high returns

Beyond improved answer rates, call branding also helps your business make more conversions, more quickly. You will also improve your agents’ productivity, enhance your operational efficiency, and reduce your customer acquisition costs and other expenses.

Reach two-thirds of cellular carriers and more than 280 million mobile devices in the United States 

Gain control over how your caller ID is displayed across two-thirds of US carriers, including T-Mobile and AT&T, to reach over 280 million US mobile devices. Verizon is on its way.

Boost your brand identity without a mobile app or internet connection

Launch quick, custom displays rendered by the local cellular network without the need for a special mobile app—or even an internet connection.

Retain custom branding in phone call logs

Help customers instantly identify your brand right from their call logs. Make their phones retain your customized brand display name, even if they don’t save your number.

Spoof-proof your business calls

Reduce the risk of your brand display name being spoofed by bad actors with Zoho Voice’s out-of-band call authentication solution.

 Wrapping up 

Branding your business to connect at every step of your customer’s journey is crucial to its success. Whether the end consumer is a new prospect or a loyal client, a branded mobile call that identifies the caller can help your business reach the right person at the right time. You’ll build better brand loyalty, increase customer engagement, and save money.

Sign up now and let us help you earn your prospects’ and customers’ trust with the cellular phone industry’s most secure calling experience.


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