App Spotlight: List Manager for Zoho CRM

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List Manager for Zoho CRM

List Manager is a Zoho CRM extension that helps you move valid email addresses of your CRM leads and contacts to a specific list in Zoho Campaigns. Categorize your leads and contacts into different lists in Campaigns to identify behaviors and keep track of opened and unopened emails.

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Business needs

Medium to large-scale businesses that use Zoho Campaigns for marketing has a standard challenge managing leads and CRM data. They had to manually transfer data from Zoho CRM to Zoho Campaigns lists, leading to wasted time and revenue due to the transfer of incorrect information. This calls for a tool that could seamlessly sync Zoho CRM data to Zoho Campaigns lists, eliminating the manual transfer process and saving valuable time and potential sales.


List Manager is a powerful solution specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses using Zoho CRM. It enables users to manage their Zoho Campaigns lists directly from the CRM, providing a seamless and integrated experience. Using List Manager for Zoho CRM you can:

  • Manage your Zoho Campaigns lists without switching between multiple systems or applications.

  • Create new lists in Zoho Campaigns directly from the CRM.

  • Add data from various modules within Zoho CRM, including Leads, Contacts, and Accounts to their Zoho Campaigns lists.

  • Add and remove records from your Zoho Campaigns Lists for greater control and flexibility over your campaigns.

  • Create new Campaign Lists in Zoho Campaign directly from the CRM using List Manager.

  • Check selected data for the validity of email addresses with the extension's validity check feature. This ensures that the campaigns are sent to valid and accurate email addresses, resulting in better engagement and conversion rates.

  • Get a clear and comprehensive view of all selected account names along with the status of their emails with List Manager's export summary feature.

  • Manage your Zoho Campaigns lists directly from the CRM, and enjoy a seamless and integrated experience.

  • Access necessary tools and features from within the CRM, making it a convenient and efficient solution.

  • Save time and effort by no longer switching between multiple systems to create new lists.

  • Provides users with a centralized location to store and manage all their data, making it easier to organize and keep track of their campaigns.

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