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Organize your virtual conferences with Zoho Webinar, which is on the Constellation ShortList for Virtual events: Webcasts and Meetings, Q3 2022.

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Virtual webinars

Online webinars let your workforce connect seamlessly and collaborate remotely. Virtual webinars empower people to connect using audio conferencing, video conferencing, and screen sharing. Use them for quick, interactive business meetings and catch-up sessions.

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Virtual conferences

Large-scale virtual conferences and events that cater to a large audience are typically handled by an organizer and several co-organizers. Virtual conferences can range from organization-wide virtual webinars to virtual town halls.

Why Zoho Webinar is the best virtual conference platform?

  • Reliability and ease of use

    Ensure that the virtual conference platform you choose is reliable and user-friendly. Zoho Webinar software is a simple, and intuitive virtual event platform with seamless collaboration. Try for Free!

  • Scalability

    Zoho Webinar allows for scalability, accommodating both small and large virtual events. It has a capacity of up to 5,000 attendees and also offers live streaming on YouTube directly from your browser, with no additional downloads.

  • Budget and features

    Zoho Webinar’s pricing structure is always competitive, which could be appealing for businesses looking for cost-effective alternatives to other event platform for virtual conferences. Check out our pricing and plans.

  • Security and privacy

    Zoho Webinar is protected by industry-standard TLS 1.2 256-bit AES encryption protocols, which offer maximum security. It has a robust infrastructure and advanced security measures to protect sensitive training materials and attendee data.

Key features of virtual conference platform

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    Customize registration forms

    Add custom fields to your virtual conference registration forms and share across platforms to get maximum registration. Use our advanced source tracking feature to find the maximum source of registrations.

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    Clone past conferences

    Save the effort involved in setting up new webinars every time. Use the clone webinar feature to reuse past webinar details and preferences to schedule a new virtual conference in just one click.

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    Assign co-organizers

    You can change roles and make a conference attendee a co-organizer with the click of a button. Once assigned as a co-organizer, they will be able to view the attendees list and moderate polls and the Q&A.

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    Practice before broadcast

    Rehearse your virtual conference content before the live broadcast. Use the broadcast webinar feature on our virtual conference platform to practice the conference content with your co-organizers before broadcasting the live session.

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    Live stream conferences

    Broadcast your virtual conference on YouTube to reach the maximum audience. Use our YouTube livestreaming feature and take your webinar to a large audience. Allow the audience to interact with the conference and post questions on YouTube.

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    Engage webinar attendees

    Keep your virtual conference attendees engaged with real-time polls and Q&A. Allow webinar attendees to raise their hands and ask anonymous questions without revealing their identities. Use your co-organizers’ help to conduct seamless virtual conferences.

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    Share session materials

    Upload and have all the essential files ready while scheduling your virtual conference. Share your uploaded session materials in PDFs, PPTs, and videos with your virtual conference attendees seamlessly during the session.

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    Analyze webinar sessions

    Learn how effective your virtual conference sessions are using Zoho Webinar’s advanced webinar analytics. Our virtual conference platform provides detailed reports on registrations, attendees, polls, Q&As, and overall performance.

Look at what our customers have to say about our virtual conferencing platform


“We looked at a wide range of virtual conferencing options and Zoho Webinar was the clear choice. The value, flexible audio options, and ease-of-use were the key criteria. The service meets our needs perfectly!”

Randy Fougere

Think2Grow Marketing

“Good quality sharing without any drop out in this 1-hour session. Great connection.”

Paula Atherill

Creative Analysis Ltd

Confidential virtual conference software

Organize highly secure virtual conferences using Zoho Webinar, thanks to DTLS/SRTP encryption and SHA256 certificates. Use our secure features, like two-factor authentication and anonymize personal data, to keep hackers at bay.

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Look at what leading experts have to say about Zoho Webinar's virtual conferencing platform

★★★★★ 4.6 / 5
★★★★★ 4.6 / 5
★★★★★ 9.0 / 10
★★★★★ 4.9 / 5

Why virtual conferences are best over offline events

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Time and cost-efficient

Virtual conferences remove the excessive cost and effort that’s involved in setting up a physical conference. Save money by removing travel, accommodation, and other offline expenses from the equation.

Flexible sessions

Empower attendees to join virtual conferences from anywhere. Provide the much-needed flexibility to deliver a seamless virtual or hybrid conference for both in-house and virtual attendees.

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Prerequisites for virtual online conferences

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  • Set a goal

    Choose what you want to achieve with the virtual conference. Set the goals you want to accomplish by the end of the conference.

  • Prepare an agenda

    Create a thorough agenda for your virtual conference with a complete flow. Stick to the agenda to provide a seamless virtual conference experience for your attendees.

  • Choose a reliable virtual conference platform

    Above all, pick the best virtual conference platform that's capable of organizing seamless virtual conferences with large audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an online event where an organizer interacts with a large audience over a virtual conference platform. It empowers organizers to interact and educate attendees through seamless audio, video, and screen sharing.

What is a virtual conference platform?

A virtual conference platform helps you to organize engaging virtual conferences and broadcast them to attendees from anywhere in the world.

How to plan a virtual conference?

You can plan an effective virtual conference in no time by following these steps:

  • Set a predefined goal for your conference.
  • Prepare an overall meeting agenda.
  • Choose the best virtual conferencing software.

How to organize a virtual conference?

You can seamlessly organize an event over a virtual conference platform in three easy steps:

  • Enter the title, description, and relevant details to schedule a virtual conference.
  • Promote event registration links across platforms to get maximum registration.
  • Share your screen and relevant session materials to maximize the virtual conference experience.

Can you record virtual conferences?

You can easily record and keep a copy of your virtual conferences using Zoho Webinar's recording feature. Access the recordings in your Zoho Webinar account, and share and download recordings as necessary.

Powerful virtual conference platform for effective business communication

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