Why does Zoho Webinar software play a crucial role in the education sector?

Zoho Webinar is the best webinar platform for education sector with numerous benefits and opportunities for both students and educators. Here are several ways webinar software helps in education:


Remote learning

Educational institutions can facilitate remote learning by conducting virtual classrooms and online lectures from anywhere, expanding access to online education. Trainers can use webinar platforms as online education platform for teaching online, to share their screen and use the audio and video features to engage students.


Interactive learning experience

Zoho Webinar provides interactive features, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, broadcast messages, and sharing session materials to enhance the learning experience. Using a webinar platform, students can actively participate, ask questions, and engage with their instructors and peers synchronously.


Guest speakers and experts

Educational institutions can invite guest speakers and experts from various fields to conduct virtual lectures through platforms for teaching online and share their knowledge. This broadens the students' exposure and provides unique learning opportunities


Recording and on-demand access

Zoho Webinar allows all of your sessions to be recorded. This feature benefits students by providing on-demand access to recorded lectures, allowing them to revise and review materials at their own pace.


Scalability and reach

By allowing 5,000 attendees in a single webinar, Zoho Webinar helps educational institutions scale their reach and impact. They can conduct webinars with a larger audience, reaching students from different locations—even internationally.


Flexibility and convenience

Zoho Webinar offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and attendance. You can plan and schedule your online sessions ahead of time. Use the recurring webinar feature to schedule a series of classes easily.

Workshops, training sessions, and presentations


Webinars are used to conduct virtual workshops for both students and educators. This allows individuals or groups to interact simultaneously, and the organizers can determine the effectiveness of these sessions from detailed analytics.



Use Zoho Webinar as online teaching platforms for delivering training with live content, live audio, and live video tools, while attendees interact through the raise hand feature, polls, and Q&A sessions. Organizers can share materials such as PDFs, PPTs, and videos with attendees during the webinar training session.


Webinars can be used as a platform for students and trainers to present their projects or research findings to a wider audience. This allows them to gain experience in public speaking and receive feedback from peers and experts.

  • zoom alternative for video webinars CA Dr Gopal Krishna Raju, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

    "Zoho Webinar completely transformed our online training program. The user-friendly platform and global reach helped us overcome challenges and create a seamless learning experience for participants worldwide."

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