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Plan your virtual conferences based on your business preferences and effectively share your ideas on our affordable webinar platform. Host your online events with Zoho Webinar's interactive screen-sharing technology, which helps you confidently present your ideas with nuance and context.


Hassle-free set-up

Zoho's webinar platform offers a simple set-up process for you to effortlessly host and conduct your webinars. Zoho Webinar is entirely cloud-based and provides an authentic, download-free webinar experience directly from your browser.


Integrated webinar software

At Zoho Webinar, we understand you may need more than one tool on a webinar hosting platform to conduct your virtual conferences. That's why we've got seamless integrations with tools such as Zoho Backstage, Zoho Campaigns, and Zoho CRM to conduct your webinars with greater impact and efficiency.

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Zoho Webinar: finally a true alternative to Zoom and GoToWebinar!

Anita Campbell Small Business Trends.

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Best webinar software for all your webinar needs:


Control and moderate your virtual conferences with our quick-access webinar tools.


Plan and analyze your strategy using our comprehensive performance reports.


Engage your audience with our quick-poll feature, and host live Q&A sessions on our online webinar platform.


Automate your webinar hosting experience via instant and scheduled email invites, reminders, and RSVPs.

Secured online webinar platform - Zoho Webinar

Host webinars securely using the best webinar platform

Zoho Webinar offers industry-standard security using the latest TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES protocols. We have also enabled the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) response to all of our web connections to ensure your data is protected while initiating a webinar session using our web portal. Webinar also encrypts your data at rest to protect your information from malicious threats online, making it the best webinar software in maintaining cybersecurity.

Essential features to consider in 2024's webinar platforms

Session recording

Webinar attendees may not be able to attend live webinars all the time. That's why, it’s good to have a recording of the live webinar session to share with anyone who missed out. These recorded webinars can help attendees who missed the live webinar and can also be used for future references.

Learn more about recording sessions on Zoho's webinar platforms
Session Recording in Webinar platform - Zoho Webinar Best webinar hosting platform - Zoho Webinar Session recording Session recording
Create polls during webinars - Zoho Webinar Interactive attendee engagement Interactive attendee engagement

Interactive attendee engagement

Want to increase engagement by asking your attendees questions or starting off with an audience survey? With Zoho's webinar platforms, you can conduct surveys and polls to gather information from your audience and give direction to your engagement efforts.

YouTube live streaming

Live streaming Zoho Webinar's webcasts via YouTube keeps you prepared for any challenges with essential webinar tools while conducting large events, such as video streaming, screen sharing, live polls, Q&A sessions, and more. Webinar live streaming through YouTube helps you maximize your reach and connect with a much larger audience.

YouTube live streaming YouTube live streaming YouTube live streaming
Mobile webinar platform - Zoho Webinar

“Upon creating webinar’s in Zoho Webinar, absolutely without any effort the campaigns can be created instantly in Zoho Campaign’s so we can start distributing them all in one place, within minutes. Furthermore, automatic workflow built within webinar avoids the need to create reminders and follow up’s.”

Gerald J Paulraj CEO, StayAhead

Inspire and influence your audience with our versatile webinar platform

Using Zoho Webinar's "one-size-fits-all" approach, you can reach and influence attendees from numerous areas, such as:


Sales and marketing

Zoho Webinar's webinar hosting platforms helps sales reps offer the perfect pitch to their audience and close deals in no time.


Education and vocational training

Using our intuitive screen-sharing feature, you can offer interactive demonstrations to your students and help them learn remotely.


Internal and external communications

Use our webinar hosting tool to communicate and share your ideas with your peers, increasing your remote workplace productivity.


Telehealth services

Zoho Webinar’s virtual conferencing feature allows you to provide telehealth consultations remotely from anywhere.

Attend webinars on-the-go!

Download Zoho Webinar for iOS and Android and join webinars from your mobile phone.

Join online webinars and instantly engage from mobile - Zoho Webinar
Join online webinars from mobile devices - Zoho Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What are webinar platforms?

A webinar platform is a type of software that allows an individual or business to plan, organize, and broadcast online events, presentations, or workshops to a large audience. It is specifically designed to facilitate the hosting, management, and participation in webinars. Webinars, short for web-based seminars, are live or pre-recorded presentations, trainings, or interactive sessions conducted over the internet.

02. What should I look for in a webinar platform?

Look for online webinar platforms that support multiple organizers and provide lead capture and source-tracking capabilities with minimal setup. Ensure you choose a webinar hosting platform that is comprehensive in features yet has an affordable pricing structure, like Zoho's best webinar software.

03. Which platform is best for webinars?

Zoho's webinar hosting tool is one of the best webinar platforms available in the market due to its ability to host large virtual conferences effortlessly.

04. Why should I use Zoho's webinar platform?

Zoho Webinar offers the most reliable, high-quality, live video experience. People prefer Zoho Webinar because it's a versatile webinar tool that's easily scalable and highly secure.

05. Does Zoho webinar offer a free webinar platform?

Yes. You can access our forever free online webinar platform with up to 100 webinar attendees and use features to add co-organizers and embed webinar links to websites. You can also make your free webinars interactive by using the Polls and Q&A features available in our free webinar platform.

06. How does Zoho's webinar hosting platform help my business?

Zoho Webinar is one of the best webinar software to conduct seminars and workshops on a large scale, and will help you build brand identity and awareness, generate leads, aid in prospecting, and steadily increase conversion rates.

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