What is a live streaming platform?

A live streaming platform is a digital or online platform that allows individuals, businesses, or organizations to broadcast and share their live video content with an audience over the internet. Webinar live streaming is an online seminar or workshop conducted in real time over the internet, where an organizer delivers content to remote attendees.

Host webinars with Zoho Webinar’s
live streaming platform

Zoho Webinar software offers a convenient and effective way to live stream audio and video to connect with your global audience, and foster meaningful interactions virtually. The primary objective of live streaming a webinar is to maximize audience reach while minimizing direct interaction, a goal that can be realized through streaming on platforms such as YouTube.

Host webinars with Zoho Webinars live streaming platform Host webinars with Zoho Webinars live streaming platform

Reach a larger audience using
Zoho Webinar live streaming software

Live stream your online events:

Live streaming your online webinars for a larger audience might seem difficult, but our YouTube live streaming service makes live streaming your web events and conducting enterprise-level webinars a breeze.

Bigger events with better return on investments

With Zoho Webinar's innovative live webcasting, you can launch products with large-scale live web events, provide training to an entire company, and conduct town hall webinars seamlessly.

YouTube live streaming

YouTube live streaming helps you maximize your reach and connect with a much larger audience. During the live stream webcast, people can comment and ask questions on YouTube.

Video conferencing

Use your built-in laptop camera or an external camera for video webinars and conduct your live web events with peace of mind.

Custom branding

Custom brand your webcasting by customizing the webinar registration forms for your organization. Add your brand's logo and images to maintain brand consistency.

Screen sharing

Make your web conferences interactive by sharing your remote screen or application with just a single click over our webcast platform.

24/5 technical assistance

We offer around-the-clock technical support five days a week to help you efficiently live stream events online and quickly resolve any technical issues you face.

Advanced analytics

Generate detailed reports on attendee and registrant information and use polls and Q&A sessions to track and analyze your audience engagement levels.

Live streaming webinars using
Zoho Webinar’s YouTube live streaming

YouTube Live streaming is a great way to maximize your social media exposure and connect your webinar to a much larger audience.

Enabling YouTube live streaming
for webinars:

Step 1
Enabling YouTube live streaming for webinars

Log in to Zoho Webinar. Don't have an account?
Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Step 2
Enabling YouTube live streaming for webinars

Click Settings in the left pane to enable YouTube live streaming for webinars.

Step 3
Enabling YouTube live streaming for webinars

On the My Settings tab, enable the Livestreaming on YouTube option under Webinar.

How to live stream webinars on YouTube:

01. Schedule the webinar as an organizer and start broadcast.

02. Click the More icon on the floating toolbar and choose Live on YouTube.

04. Select Allow to give permission for Zoho Webinar to access your Google account.

05. Enter the Zoho webinar title as you want it to be displayed on YouTube.

06. Verify your Account Information.

07. Select the video access level:

Public: Videos can be seen by anyone on YouTube. Unlisted: Videos can be seen and shared by anyone with the link. Private: Videos can only be seen by you and the people you choose to give access.)

08. Click the Go Live button. The progress bar will show that your session is being prepared for streaming.

Look at what our customers have to say about Zoho Webinar

"Zoho Webinar completely transformed our online training program. The user-friendly platform and global reach helped us overcome challenges and create a seamless learning experience for participants worldwide."

CA Dr Gopal Krishna Raju,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

“Upon creating webinar’s in Zoho Webinar, absolutely without any effort the campaigns can be created instantly in Zoho Campaign’s so we can start distributing them all in one place, within minutes. Furthermore, automatic workflow built within webinar avoids the need to create reminders and follow up’s.”

Gerald J Paulraj
CEO, StayAhead

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Brand awareness

Hosting successful video webcasts helps you level up your publicity and can positively impact your global brand awareness.

Cost efficient

Live streaming is an affordable alternative to conducting large-scale, in-person events. You can use your webcast tool to generate high-value quality leads with minimal investment.

Reach a larger audience

You can stream your live webinars with up to 5000 attendees in a session using Zoho Webinar software. YouTube live streaming connect your webinars to a much larger audience.

Train employees quickly

You can train your internal employees more efficiently by offering informative on-demand webinars. Use Zoho Webinar's live streaming solution to record these training sessions and reuse them for future employees.